The Best Choices for New Year’s Flowers

The Best flowers for New Year

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With Christmas over and the next big celebration already on the way, you’ve probably already cast your mind onto your New Year’s celebrations. If you are hosting a party of your own or you want to thank another host, some New Year’s flowers could be just what you need to spice up the proceedings.

With all the regalia of Christmas still up, it is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of forging ahead with some of the Christmassy bouquets still lurking around florists at this time of year. However, New Year’s Eve very much has its own style. It’s also an opportunity (especially if you are hosting the party) to mark a change from more flashy Christmas designs and instead try flowers that are a bit simpler and more understated to add some contrast with the last big celebration. This simplicity also emphasises the normally sparse amount of flowers blooming in midwinter (although the last few years have proved to be an exception).

Despite how cold it might be outside, there are a few different types of flower that you could choose from which will provide the best start to the year 2019:


red carnation

As the birth flower of January carnations are an ideal flower to ring in the New Year. Carnations offer a lot of versatility due to their many colours and shapes. They also add a round shape to the bouquet, a bit like festive floral balloons, allowing them to fit into your decor perfectly. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you could also try dying your carnations a colour to match the theme of the New Year’s party you will place them in. See how to here.


White lily

With their spread petals opening up like the spray of champagne at midnight, lilies are a fantastic choice to welcome someone to 2019. They are already a classic flower to send to someone in their own right and, with white lilies especially, it is easy to see how these could be the best surprise to start the year with.


red roses

Let’s be honest, roses work in almost any situation. A few white or red roses, or a combination of both, could be a perfect way to celebrate the start of 2019. Roses are synonymous with class and emotion and if you are looking to add a little of that to a party then there is truly no better flower for you.


Narcissus flowers

That’s right, the birth flower of December is a great choice of bloom for the new year and month. The previous year may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any goodness left to offer (although in the case of 2018 it may be debatable if there was much, to begin with).  Narcissus is a bright and lovely flower to shower someone with on New Year’s Eve with its almost party trumpet-like visage.

Snow Drops

Snow drops in thawing snow

Snow Drops are usually the first flowers to pop up after the coldest part of the winter. For this reason, they are one of the best flowers to mark the beginning of a new year and with it the new cycle of the seasons.

These are just a few of the flowers that you could surprise your loved ones with when the end of the year arrives. While we’ve recommended a simpler approach to bouquet flower choices don’t be afraid of jazzing up things in your own way. For example, the addition of streamers or even decorative touches like adding champagne poppers or champagne corks into the arrangements to add a touch of that unique New Year’s Eve feel.

Do you like our choices or do you think we missed out on some of the best flowers to use this December 31st? Tell us in the comments.

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