How to Surprise With Flowers That Make Easter Amazing

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Easter may be a holiday mostly associated with chocolate eggs these days but one of the original and more beautiful traditions is the giving and receiving of flowers to make Easter amazing for both friends and family alike. Whether you’re religious or not, adding flowers to your or someone else’s Easter weekend can add an extra touch of seasonal magic that everyone can enjoy.

Traditional Easter celebrations have always been historically associated with springtime festivities and of course it has always been a time for flowers. We’ve picked out a few of the best choices you can use to make this Easter extra special and to share a colourful happy surprise even if you are spending the bank holiday weekend far away from those close to you.


Mixed daisies

Daisies are everywhere at this time of year and of course have come to be seen as a habitual springtime flower as a result. Perhaps this Easter some fresh bright and colourful gerberas or cheerful chrysanthemums could be the perfect messengers for your loving feelings.


Field of red, yellow and pink tulips

Another emblematic flower of the season (sometimes called the “harbingers of spring”) that is able to add the perfect touch to someone’s Easter celebrations. Tulips come in many expressive colours and add the perfect hue of optimism that is often felt at this time of year as the weather improves and nature comes alive again.

Easter Lilies

White Easter lily


A unique form of the classic lily shape. This variety of lilies has a much more trumpet-like appearance than their more common bouquet counterparts. Easter Lilies have a shining white colour and are named after the festivities as it is believed that they sprang up in the Garden of Gethsemane as Christ wept before being betrayed. They have a strong but sweet fragrance and it’s estimated over 11 million are sold every year to celebrate the season.

Easter Cactus

Pink flowers on an Easter cactus

It may be prickly but there’s a lot to enjoy about an Easter Cactus (the more common name for Hatiora gaertneri). It’s a spring blooming cactus and blossoms with bold and bright red or pink flowers. For a treat with a difference this Easter it could be just the solution for a surprise.


field of yellow daffodils with orange trumpet

With their appearance at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, these seasonal favourites are naturally associated with the idea of rebirth and new life. In short this makes them one of the best choices for impressive Easter flowers. In England daffodils are also sometimes known as “Lenten Lilies” in reference to the 40 days of Lent, so they already carry historical pedigree as ideal flowers for the Easter period.

There can be no doubting that the gift of flowers during spring and Easter adds a special touch to an already beautiful season celebrated for its themes of new life, colour and positive energy. Will you choose one of our selections as a gift instead of (or as well as) chocolate this year or do you have your own favourite Easter blooms of choice?

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