What Are The Perfect Bouquets For Your Thanksgiving Table?

Thanksgiving table with Turkey and Flowers

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Thanksgiving is a time of celebrating the bounty of nature. There’s no doubt a good centrepiece of flowers is just the way to make your table decorations complete. As many people preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year, or indeed previous years, will know this is one of the most intricate meals of the year. With so many guests to feed and so much to prepare, getting the table decorations right can be easily overlooked.

That said, a decorative centrepiece doesn’t need to be something extravagant like an elaborate cornucopia or a home-made wreath. After all, the original dinner between Pilgrims and Native Americans was much more basic than most of today’s Thanksgiving dinners. A nice bouquet of flowers and perhaps a few candles often adds an extra glow of warmth.

Rather appropriately, we’ve chosen six bouquets from our catalogue that would suit a Thanksgiving table perfectly this year.

Roses, Carnations and Germini

Autumn in New-York: Gerberas and Carnations

This charming mix of germini and roses in bright traditional autumnal colours and presented in a basket will sit well amongst the pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Orange Roses and Alstroemerias

Pumpkin bouquet

Our Pumpkin bouquet is round, orange and delicious, just like the famous seasonal squash. Why only enjoy pumpkin in pie form after all?

Amaryllis and Hydrangea

Autumnal Warmth bouquet no background

Capture the warmth of autumn with this selection of amaryllis, hydrangea and alstroemerias. This rustic arrangement will certainly add some natural gravitas to the table decoration.

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Lilies, Roses and Gerberas

Peach Flavour: Lilies and Roses

This darling bouquet of bold beautiful orange lilies, sunny yellow gerberas and orange roses is just what you need to keep everyone’s energy up as they enjoy the turkey.

Roses, Mini Gerberas and Alstroemeria

Mango: Orange Roses and Gerbera

With the fresh scents and warm yellow and red colours this bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas and alstroemeria will make your Thanksgiving table look and smell extra delicious.

Marie Claire Roses and Red Lilies

Autumnal Splendour: Lilium and Roses

The luscious red lilies and sweet Marie Claire roses of this splendid bouquet will bring a bit of extra class to your dinner.

It’s often true to say that the turkey is the star of the show on the Thanksgiving table. However, one of these bouquets could just as easily steal the spotlight. What will you bring to their table this year?

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