Don’t let winter get you down: 5 flowers to brighten up your Blue Monday

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That time of the year has arrived. Those days when the hours crawl by more slowly than ever, the Christmas holidays seem like a distant memory, and your energy ebbs without you even realising it. The dark days pile up, and the cold and rain put you off making any plans other than lounging on the sofa. 

Blue Monday will soon be here, a date that has nudged its way onto our calendars as “the saddest day of the year”. Nonetheless, despite what they say, there is no solid scientific evidence that confirms the Blue Monday theory. We shouldn’t forget that the advertising campaign of a travel agency gave rise to the concept

So, why give in to this wave of pessimism? 

It is precisely these days, when we find it hardest to keep up the pace, that offer us the perfect opportunity to get a smile out of those we love most and why not even spoil ourselves a little? 

At FloraQueen, we’d like to help you escape this widespread negativity, and we’ll do so the way we know best: by recommending the ideal flowers for each given moment. 

Numerous studies have confirmed the health benefits of flowers:

  • They improve our moods and help stave off depression
  • They purify the air we breathe
  • They boost our creativity and productivity
  • They contribute to relaxation and the elimination of stress

Who hasn’t entered a room with flowers and felt good just looking at them or smelling them? You don’t need to be a scientist to perceive all the good they do us. If you’d like to perfume and brighten up your Blue Monday, we propose surrounding yourself with the following blooms:


These flowers originally from South Africa are among the most sold in the market. Apart from their bright colours, gerberas are perfect as a gift of cut flowers, as they can last for weeks in perfect condition. In addition, we can find them in multiple different sizes. 

Why not take a look at our gerbera bouquets?


Lilies stand out for their elegance and pleasant fragrance, but also for their health benefits including moisturising, anti-inflammatory properties and as a treatment for bronchitis or asthma. They are tough flowers capable of resisting the low winter temperatures, but they need at least six hours of direct light a day to flourish. 

If you’re thinking of giving lilies, you’ll find some sure hits here!


Generally known as “astromelia”, these flowers originally from South America represent values as important as friendship, fortune or prosperity. Thanks to the one hundred-plus different varieties and the contrasts of their delicate petals, just a few stems are needed to create a colourful bouquet. Additionally, they can last for up to two weeks if the following basic care steps are taken. 

Check out our gorgeous bouquets with alstroemerias here.


These elegant flowers are defined by their full petals and ability to keep growing, even after they’ve been cut! Their bright pastel shades make them the perfect choice for your flower arrangements.

If you’d like to guarantee their maximum freshness, it’s important to cut the stems every three days to prevent them from bending with the weight of the blooms.   

Look how lovely these flowers look with the alstroemerias


Though they may look like very delicate flowers, the truth is that orchids are among the best options for flowers at home.

All you need to do is provide them with indirect light, a steady temperature of between 9º and 30º, and keep them watered once a week (draining the excess water), so that they’re always perfect and bloom a number of times a year. 

You’ll find suggestions for special gifts to accompany your orchids on our website. Be sure to have a look at them!

Don’t be deceived, Blue Monday can be a different colour if you choose it to be. Surround yourself with people you love, spend time on yourself and think of a couple of simple ideas to transform the uphill slope of January into a special occasion. 

We’ll be happy to help you do it!

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