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Congratulations – you just found out you are having a girl! Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. It comes with so many responsibilities and decisions. One of the most important choices a mom-to-be and her partner make is giving their precious child a name. While it is fun to read the list and imagine what your baby girl should be called it, it can also be very daunting. What if the name you choose doesn’t suit the baby? What if your daughter doesn’t like it? What if other people criticize the name? A great way to feel better about a name is by learning the meaning behind the name. Many names represent adjectives and personality traits. Naming your daughter after a flower can do just the name. Lots of flowers themselves represent feelings, places, or characteristics.

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Here is a list of appropriate flower names and their meanings that any girl would be proud to own.

Poppy – Most people associate Veteran’s Day with the poppy. This funky name is unique and represents resilience, respect, and honor.

Peony – A beautiful flower made extremely popular in wedding bouquets. Peony actually means healing. What a great name for a compassionate woman-to-be.

Susan – Named after the flower Black-Eyed Susan, this Hebrew translates to “graceful lily.”

Linnea – This is an original name for a twin! Linnea means a twinflower and is quite popular in several European countries.

Amaryllis – The meaning of this name takes after the flower itself. Amaryllis flowers are ornate and showy. An excellent name for a girl who is the center of your world.

Lily – Probably one of the most common flower names, Lily means purity and beauty. This is a classic name that has been around for centuries.

Juniper – Though uncommon in name, Junipers are staples for any garden. The name represents the strong, dominant stance the plant takes in nature. Plus, there are some great nicknames – June, Junie, or Junebug.

Iris– Unknown to most, Iris is a Greek word meaning “rainbow.” What a happy, colorful name!

Lillian – Not actually a flower but a more formal version of Lily. Similarly, it means beauty and innocence.

Lavender- This plant is known mostly for its medicinal properties. So appropriately, the name means healing. Perhaps a good name for a future doctor or nurse.

Leilani – A Hawaiian flower that means “baby of the heavenly flower.” In nature, this flower is quite rare, so using this name can reflect the uniqueness of your little girl.

Willow – Like the ever-lasting Willow tree, this name means flexible and resilient. Use this name, and your daughter can share a name with superstar Pink’s daughter.

Calla –Another name associated with Lily. Calla is a type of lily, and the name also means beauty.

Flora – This was the name of a Roman goddess. She was the goddess of spring and flowers. An appropriate name for female empowerment!

Clover – Just like the four-leaf clover, this name means luck! An uncommon name for a common desire.

Narcissa – This is the Latin word for daffodil. Daffodils represent springtime and rebirth.

Heather – Most people don’t realize Heather is actually a type of plant. The name means pretty and delicate.

Blossom – Not a type of flower, but it is how all flowers bloom. The name means “growth”.

Freesia – Definitely a unique name for a unique little girl. This popular wedding flower means truth and friendship.

Jasmine – For those who are religious, this Persian name means “gift from God.” Jasmine plants have sweet-smelling flowers that have been used for healing purposes for centuries.

Anemone – Variations of this plant live both on and underwater. The on-land flowers are delicate and beautiful, while the underwater version act as homes for sea creatures. This name represents a combination of both plants – beautiful and homey.

Kalina – A unique name in English but popular in Poland. This polish name symbolizes flowers.

Calanthe – This name means “beautiful flower” in Greek. A calanthe is a type of orchid, which is widely considered to be one of the most elegant flowers in the world.

Acacia – The yellow and white flowering plant is named after a Greek botanist. Used as a name, it represents immortality and resurrection.

Aster- A popular purple flower, this name actually means “star.”

Chloris – This is a name rarely used this century, but Chloris is a mythical goddess of flowers.

Fiorella- Not a plant itself; this typically Italian name means “flower.”

Fleur- Again, not a specific plant, but Fleur is the French term for flower. An elegant name for any girl. Also made famous after the Harry Potter character.

Lotus – A very uncommon name for your unique daughter. In Buddhism, the lotus represents purity and enlightenment.

Marigold – A type of flower that doesn’t have a specific meaning but is an excellent name with excellent nicknames. Think Mari, Goldie, and Ari.

Orchid – A beautiful and very difficult to grow flower. This name means love and sophistication.

Rose – This name represents femininity and love. While it has always been a popular name, it has made a resurgence in the past five years.

Violet –A great name that is timeless with age. If your favorite color is purple, this name is for you!

Whatever you choose to name your daughter, going with a botanical name has a timeless beauty. Don’t just think about how her name sounds as a little girl. Consider that one day she is going to be a working professional. At this time, she needs a name that can be taken seriously. A name is a person’s identity and follows them for the whole life. Make an informed decision, but ultimately remember she is your daughter, and it is your choice. If you love a name, don’t let someone else talk you out of it. You are making the best decision you can with the information you have. While her name is important, remember that providing a loving and safe home is all you and your daughter really need.

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