Get Your Message Right On International Women’s Day

Women's Day messages

In our business we often let flowers do the talking. Whilst a well-selected bouquet can say more than words ever could, that doesn’t make a well-chosen message completely redundant. If you want to get your message right on International Women’s Day it’s important to ask yourself what does the special woman you’re celebrating bring to your world.

Sometimes, however, even if you know in your heart just what you want to say putting those feelings into words can be tough. Last year we took some inspiration from the words some of the great women in history. For something a bit different this year, we’ve come up with a few original messages you can use if creativity isn’t coming naturally.

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Whether you want to celebrate your sister, partner or your mom on March 8th it’s better to tailor your dedication to fit the woman you know and love. To give you a bit of hand, we’ve prepared a few examples. Simply use or adapt the message for whichever woman you want to honour on Women’s Day itself. We’ve even tested them on the real women, who inspired our women’s day collection just in case.

The perfect message for your sister

Thank you for always being yourself and for never making any apologies for it! Life wouldn’t be the same without you.

The perfect message for your mom

You are the strongest woman I have ever known and without you, I wouldn’t be even half the person I am today. Happy Women’s Day!

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The perfect message for your partner

My world changed forever when I met you. Happy International Women’s Day to you, my guiding light. No one inspires me quite like you do.

The perfect message for your friend

No one can make me smile quite like you. Thank you for always being there for me, you’re my number one girl today and forever.

The perfect message for your aunt

An aunt is like a mom, only better. Thank you for sharing my secrets and for making life more fun. Have an amazing Women’s Day.

The perfect message for your grandmother

You are the example I live by. Your love and care are unmatched and I truly value our time together.

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Sending the right message on International Women’s Day is something that requires careful consideration. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect chance to pause and think about why you value the special women in your life. Let this be your guide.

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