April, a glorious spring month

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A sunny month

Spring begins in March but comes into its own in April when the sun really starts to make its presence felt. April is the month dedicated to the goddess of love, beauty and seduction, the one we all know as Venus. It’s hardly surprising then that we dress in more lightweight clothing, are more driven by romance, are more attracted to each other, and couples blossom during this magnificent month. April also marks the first month in the year for beach going, as the sun can sometimes split the rocks, at times even more than in summer.


Flowers in April

This beautiful spring month of April is also when flowers bloom. They nurture this joy and love, so intertwined with this season. We bestow flowers on those who bowl us over, as tokens of the passion and tenderness we feel for them. We also treat ourselves to flowers, as a means of decorating our homes and creating a warmer and cosier feel.


Live life to the fullest

This month is the one when you have to recharge your batteries after what is often a harsh winter and before the onset of summer that can sometimes prove stifling. April is this gorgeous spring month when you have to show your unquenchable thirst for life and living it to the full.

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