The Making Of Our International Women’s Day Collection

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For this year’s International Women’s Day we wanted to do something a little different. March 8th is the time to honour women everywhere and to achieve that we decided to take inspiration from the women around us. This is the story of the making of our International Women’s Day collection.

Getting the right inspiration

As we explained in one of our earlier posts, we paired each bouquet with the individual characteristics of some of the many women who work at FloraQueen.

The women at FloraQueen, like everywhere, are wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and valued colleagues. We wanted to capture a little of that essence and convey it in the flowers we offer for this year’s celebration.

The first step was understanding just who each person was and which bouquet would pair best with their personality and interests. Once that was done we were ready to move on to the next stage.

Choosing the collection

picking tulips from collection

As with any springtime collection, we knew that colour would be an important factor. That’s why so many of the bouquets we chose capture the bright, vivacious characters who inspired this collection in reds, pinks and yellows. These are all strong bright positive colours that we felt would resonate with the women at FloraQueen and also the women receiving the bouquets on March 8th.

The seasonality of this occasion also gave us an opportunity to use some fantastic flowers which can only be enjoyed at this time of year like tulips. Additionally, we had the chance to include symbolic mimosa in the collection for those celebrating in Italy, which, as luck would have it, paired beautifully with one of our Italian colleagues.

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Once the planning was over there was only one step left.

Capturing the right image

behind the scenes judyta aleksandra marika

The final step was to convert the ideas on paper into reality. To do this, we organised a photo shoot with a professional photographer and make-up artist in a studio to immortalise the girls and their bouquets.

While at first they found the experience a little nerve-racking, camaraderie formed quickly. There were always going to be a few jitters bearing in mind that this was the first time any of them had modelled in a professional capacity. After a few jokes, a few wardrobe changes and having their hair and make-up done, everyone felt a lot more relaxed.

Everyone had a great time once the shooting itself got underway. There were lots of friendly wisecracks to try and help those under the spotlight smile the biggest smiles. We think they were pretty successful overall.

We always like to do things a little bit differently for each year for Women’s Day. This year we think we’ve captured the essence of what March 8th is all about. Celebrating the women in our lives wherever they may be. What do you think of the collection? Let us know in the comments.

Experience our brand new collection yourself and share our beautiful bouquets with a special woman anywhere in over 100 countries on March 8th.

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