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Is music floral in nature? We were certainly curious to find out ourselves, which is why we’ve teamed up with the Festival de Pedralbes in Barcelona to share flowers not only with the public but with the artists performing at the month-long event.

We will be taking part in this fantastic festival between 6th June and 13th of July adding our own special touch to the proceedings and with some lucky visitors having the chance to win special FloraQueen prizes!

First a little info about the Festival de Pedralbes

If you know a little about the music festival scene in Barcelona you’ve probably already heard of Primavera Sound, Sonar and Cruïlla. The Festival de Pedralbes (or Festival Jardin de Pedralbes to use its full name) is quite a different event to these other fan favourites, however. Taking place in the historic and beautiful Jardins de Palau Reial in Barcelona’s upscale Pedralbes neighbourhood, this festival is a much calmer affair, with a garden party feel, where you can take in the ornate grounds of the former Royal Palace while enjoying some of the biggest and best names in the world of music.

Festival de pedralbes stage
Image: Festival Jardin de Pedralbes

Just how big are the stars you might be wondering? Amongst the performers this year are Elvis Costello, Tom Jones, Goran Bregovic, Simple Minds, The Jacksons and Niña Pastori, with one act headlining each night of the festival’s run and one additional act performing prior in the Villiage area. Each of the 28 main performances of the festival take place during the evenings between 6th June and the 13th July on a specially prepared stage outside the rear façade of the palace itself.

The Festival de Pedralbes is a relatively new feature in Barcelona‘s busy annual calendar, hosting its first performance only back in 2013. However, the talent on show and the magnificent venue has ensured that it has become a fixture over the last 6 years.

How FloraQueen is going to add flowers to the festivities

FloraQueen bike festival de pedralbes

With this natural setting, we wanted to add our own touch of natural decoration and to inject a bit more excitement into the proceedings. If you’re coming to the Festival de Pedralbes this year, you will be sure to see us. We’ve added a little of our own floral flair to the grounds of the concerts, where you can find three decorated spaces featuring our own bouquets and our branded boxes adorning a rustic delivery bicycle.

Sunflowers in a box


Our team will also be around the “Village” area of the grounds, where food and drinks are served, to offer guests the chance to win a bouquet of their own by answering a few of our specially prepared questions. We have 10 bouquets to give away at each day of the festival with many additional prizes to be won too with our lucky scratchcards, which we’ll also be handing out.

Happy woman receiving FloraQueen flowers

Every scratch card we hand out in the gardens contains a prize, so no matter what, you will win something. Once you’ve removed the scratchable area you’ll receive a unique code. All you need to do is visit the link printed on the card to find out what you’ve won!

Tom Jones receiving floraqueen bouquet
Tom Jones pictured with his original FloraQueen bouquet

In addition to that, we’re going to be sharing a little floral magic with the acts themselves, by creating a unique bouquet arrangement suited to each performer to be presented at the end of their show. If you are watching in the audience this year then you’re sure to see one of our bespoke creations.

Happy Woman receiving FloraQueen bouquet

If you’re going to the Festival Jardins de Pedralbes this summer we hope to see you there. You could be in with a chance to win a bouquet or another special prize. We like to think it’s our own little way of making flowers that little bit more musical this summer.

We deliver flowers all over the world with our international delivery service to over 100 countries. Share a little summer magic with flowers this year and remind someone special that you’re thinking about them even from far away.

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