This summer, win her over with flowers!

This summer, win her over with flowers

This summer, win her over with flowers

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According to some people, it seems that romanticism has died and been replaced today by vanity and bad manners. Nevertheless, the scattered rose petals survive that were once given to girls who still conserve them, if not on the bedside table, then at least in their hearts.

What might be the immediate effect of giving a flower, a simple flower, on the first date or the first anniversary? Win over the girl! She will be yours at the precise moment at which the scent of the flower crosses over to her body and soul.

This summer, win her over with flowers

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If you want to win over the girl you like or whoever you are head over heels in love with this summer, do it with flowers! FloraQueen offers you the best advice about flowers as gifts so that you are not snubbed on the first date or in order to keep the flame of love alive:

  • Red rose: and incredibly beautiful and scented flower, it signifies deep passion and love towards a person. It is usually given on the first date to show a genuine interest in the other person.
  • Sunflower: the flower of summer, it is a symbol of happy love, serene and free of obstacles. It is also used as an alternative to the rose, above all during the summer.
  • Daisy: it is the emblematic flower of the “he loves me, he loves me not” game and, for this reason, represents a message of involvement and enthusiasm for the other person.
  • Carnation: among other meanings, one is of love, above all the red carnation, which symbolises burning, passionate love. Be careful with the yellow carnation, which on the contrary expresses uncertainty of feelings.

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