4 Reasons To Think Carefully Before Buying Budget Flowers

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We’ve all been tempted by the low, low prices of supermarket bouquets or gas station flowers at times. However, budget flowers aren’t the way to go. We’re going to explain today why seeking out the lowest price tag isn’t the best idea when it comes to choosing the most beautiful blooms.

Affordable flowers don’t have to be budget flowers. Flowers that carry a discount or a less-than-premium price are often still good quality. What we’re focusing on specifically are the true bargain basement bouquets that you may see at the shops for under €15.

We’ve got four reasons for why you should avoid temptation and stay well clear of the cheapest flowers.

They don’t last as long

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Budget roses or chrysanthemums are all very well if your gift is bought at the very last-minute and petrol station flowers are all you can get at short notice. Unfortunately, you’ll normally find that within a couple of days, the petals could be falling off at quite a rate.

This is because florists normally sell fresher flowers that have been selected for better longevity. Because petrol station or supermarket flowers are often kept in cold storage for longer, they’re normally older by the time they get into a vase.

They don’t bloom as brightly

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As we saw in the last point, cheaper supermarket flowers are often further along in their development by the time they’re sold. This means they’ve probably already completely bloomed by the time they’re in a vase in your home. Normally, when you buy bargain basement bouquets you won’t enjoy the same show from your flowers as from a florist‘s.

This can even be seen as, flowers from your local corner shop are often fully open, whilst fresher ones from a professional florist are often delivered a little bit closed. Especially in the case of lilies. The difference in freshness means you’ll ultimately never get to enjoy your cheaper blooms at their best.

They aren’t checked as carefully by florists

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Budget flowers are produced at a much faster rate than quality florist prepared designs. As a result, these mass-produced flower bouquets might have broken stems and will have much smaller flower heads.

The flowers you buy in a professional florist’s are carefully selected so that they look and smell amazing on arrival. To keep their customers happy, florists need to choose better-than-average flowers, so you’ll always notice a difference when you avoid the cheapest flowers.

They don’t smell as sweet

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We’re not exaggerating. Cheaper flowers have normally been mass produced with cultivars which have a better genetic predisposition for looks and not scent. In fact, many supermarket flowers are non-scented completely!

Budget flowers may seem alluring in the moment. Especially if your budget is tight. However, you’ll normally find quite a difference in quality. You’ll find in almost every case that you ultimately get what you pay for.

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