How to choose the perfect bouquet from an international florist

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Do you have a loved one who is abroad who you looking to send a bouquet to in the coming weeks with an international florist? Thankfully for you, we are on hand to give you some advice on how to choose the perfect bouquet to say how you feel. Read on and discover which bouquet you should send for each of the important people in your life and a bit more about the symbolism behind them. You can then seem a real expert when asked about why you chose the flowers that you did!

sending flowers with an international florist: which bouquet should you choose? 

for the mom who is always by your side

international florist lilies

When thinking of sending flowers to your mom with an international florist you are obviously looking to send her flowers that really show her how important she is to you. The lily is a stunning flower which reflects her beauty and also is the flower which has represented motherhood for thousands of years since the era of the Ancient Greeks. Apparantly they grew from the breast milk of the goddess of mothers Hera! Although we can probably rule out this as being a fact, no one can deny how stunning lilies are to look at. Therefore we believe that the bouquet which you should choose for that wonderful mother of yours is a blooming bouquet of pink lilies and roses.

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for the friend who needs good luck

Being wished good luck is often the only confidence booster we need to calm our nerves before a job interview, an exam, an important sporting fixture etc… Before these moments receiving flowers is very appreciated as it shows how we are in their thoughts and that they are rooting for us. So when your friend needs wishing good luck, wouldn’t you say that our sentiments can often be best expressed through flowers? The perfect bouquet to send to your friend with an international florist at this time should include white carnations, a well recognised symbol of good luck.

for the romantic other half

international florist roses

When thinking about romantic flowers there’s a reason why the mind never really goes beyond the red rose. These are the flowers of Valentine’s Day and anniversaries as a direct result of their romantic aura and the feelings of pure passion that they stimulate. So if you are planning on sending a bouquet of flowers with an international florist to your hopelessly romantic over half, then the red rose is the flower for you!

for the sister who always makes you laugh

Your sister and you may have constantly fought during your childhood but now you are the best of friends. Just think of the in jokes that you share and all the times you just can’t stop laughing around each other. You want to send her flowers that reflect her bubbly personality and we know just the thing. A bouquet featuring chrysanthemums! Did you know that the chrysanthemum represents optimism, joy and long life? Who wouldn’t want to wish all of these upon their beautiful sister? Red chrysanthemums would be our recommendation for your sister because the colour red represents the undying love and special bond that you share.

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for the loyal friend going through a tough time

international florist gerberas

When your friend is going through a tough time through illness or otherwise, you want to send flowers with an international florist that are going to cheer them up and show them your never ending support. It’s important not just to send flowers which are pleasing on the eye but which also carry an important meaning. For this reason we would strongly recommend sending them flowers which symbolise cheerfulness, gerbera daisies, in varying colours of course! Do you know anyone who wouldn’t be cheered by their vibrant colours? No, us neither! On seeing the beautiful, colourful flowers and considering the effort that you’ve gone to in order to cheer them up, you will certainly lift their mood!  

We hope that this guide has made it easy for you to decide what bouquet to send next time you are sending a loved one flowers through our international florist.