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The 19th-century American essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson had a very high appreciation of nature and natural surroundings apart from the well-known transcendentalist values that he passionately preached and wrote about. Therefore, it may no longer come as a surprise that maybe one of the most beautiful quotes about flowers belongs to him: “The earth laughs in flowers.

We don’t know about you, but we, for one, couldn’t agree more with Mr. Emerson. Flowers are, without any doubt, nature’s most beautiful and spectacular creations. Regardless of their origins, type, colors, shapes, and smell, they haven’t ceased to amaze us and to bring happiness in our lives. To honor their uniqueness, we decided to put together interesting information about:

* The Most Popular Flowers
* The Most Beautiful Flowers

The Most Popular Flowers

Our list starts with number five of the “most popular flowers” top – the lilac. The original name of the flower might sound quite peculiar (“Syringa vulgaris”), but its story is impressive. In Greek mythology, there was once a gorgeous nymph called Syringa. As in many other mythological tales, there is also a god who is charmed by the nymph’s endless beauty. Pan was the god of the fields and forests. In an attempt to get rid of the lustful and annoying Pan who used to spy on her and chase her around quite often, one day, Syringa turns herself into a lilac. They are considered a spring symbol; these superb flowers can now be found both around human habitations and in the wilderness.

The next in line is the iris. There is a mythological connection to the iris as well. The flower belongs to the Greek goddess Iris, known as the messenger of the gods, among others. Depending on its color, the iris can have various meanings. A purple iris usually represents royalty and wisdom (this is, in fact, the most popular meaning), a blue iris can be interpreted as a symbol of hope and faith. At the same time, a white one is an expression of innocence.

The orchid is considered to be one of the most exotic and elegant flowers around the world, and we couldn’t agree more! As a sun-loving flower, it is an ornamental plant that is usually associated with sexuality, virility, and fertility. In fact, in ancient Greece, it is well known that the sex of the child could be chosen by the type of orchid’s tubers that parents would eat. If the father ate the thick tubers, the child would most likely be a boy, but if the mother chose the smaller and thinner tubers, there would be higher chances to have a baby girl.

Our list continues with the gerbera. Part of the sunflower family, the pretty gerberas are ideal for decorating your home and garden. They are currently available in a wide variety of colors, such as orange (the most popular), red, white, pink, and yellow. They are usually associated with positive feelings such as joy, liveliness, energy – gerberas are a celebration of life!

This list cannot miss maybe the most romantic and, we dare say, exquisite flower ever – you are correct, it’s the rose! Many women around the world would never get tired of receiving hundreds of them and, as Bon Jovi very well mentioned in his song, have a bed of roses to spend a beautiful night in with their partners. There are, however, other meanings associated with this flower, such as secrecy and confidentiality. For instance, back in the Middle Ages, roses hanging from the ceilings would let visitors understand that anything discussed in those chambers would have to remain a secret. Another interesting fact about roses is that they are drawn on four Tarot cards: the Fool, the Magician, the Strength card, and the Death card. Their symbolism varies depending on the card’s purpose.

The Most Beautiful Flowers

We should continue our journey with the protea. This flower’s origins lie in South Africa, where, according to the local tradition, it is the symbol of transformation, diversity, and hope. At the same time, according to a well-known Greek legend, the protea may have been named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon. In essence, this sea-god was quite reluctant to meet any visitors on his Pharos island, so he would frequently change his shape, hence the name of the flower. It also presents itself in more than 1,400 varieties. Another interesting fact about proteas is that they can reach almost 12 inches in width once bloomed.

Our next candidate is an exquisite and delicate flower, usually associated with grace and delicacy. In essence, its perfume is what also makes it unique, and you would easily recognize a peony anywhere! Regarded as the “king of flowers” and a symbol of nobility and wealth, peonies gradually open up layer by layer and can be found in a wide range of colors such as light pink, white, red, and magenta. It is also important to note that they had a healing attribution during medieval times. People believed that roots and seeds could cure more than 20 diseases.

We are getting closer to the end of our list – the passionflower! An exotic flower that should not be missing from your garden, the passionflower is a vine which prides itself with more than 400 species. “Passiflora edulis,” however, is the most popular one because it is the only one that can produce passion fruits (either slightly sour or very sweet). The passionflower can have purple, lavender, or blue colors – it doesn’t matter which one you would choose; it would be beyond comparison!

Lastly, we have identified the chrysanthemum as the fifth most beautiful flower! The chrysanthemum is famous not only in the US (the most grown flower for commercial purposes) but also in China, where it has been cultivated since the 15th century BC. It has a very long history and several symbolical associations but, among the most important, we could name good luck, well wishes, and loyalty. We think that we could all agree that the chrysanthemum is, without any doubt, one of the most superb and delicate flowers on Earth!

All in all, our list of the most popular and beautiful flowers gives you plenty of options to choose from. Be sure you include a small card or note when sending flowers to create a broader message to your loved one.

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