The rose, the queen of flowers

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When our thoughts turn to flowers, they almost always stop on the image of a rose, because, just like in reality, in our minds the rose is the queen of flowers. Endowed with exquisite beauty and a wonderful fragrance, this flower captures the heart of the holder, alongside the most beautiful autumn flowers.


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The noble and elegant rose is the main character in the myths and legends that tell the story of its birth and origins. Among these stories, the nicest one is the tale related to the goddess Aphrodite. It is said that a strain of white roses was next to Aphrodite at the time of her birth in the sea, naked, amidst the waves and the foam. The goddess, pricked her heel on one of the rose thorns, and her blood trickled onto the white roses, turning them red.


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Another Greek myth recounts the origin of this flower, a common gift for conquering hearts or for decorating homes. In this legend, the leading character is the goddess Chloris who, catching a glimpse of a beautiful lifeless nymph on the ground, fashioned the body into a rose. Aphrodite bestowed the flower with beauty, joy and seduction; Dionysus, gave the flower its delicate fragrance; and Eros, the god of love, named it the queen of flowers.

From that point forth, the rose has been the flower of love, beauty, passion and the quintessential flower for brightening up the glum autumn days, when the only sound is the rustling of the leaves falling from the trees.

Why don’t you send a bouquet of roses to your loved one to cheer up their autumn?



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