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The Amaryllis flower is a majestic bulbous plant that warms our homes in the winter with its generous and vibrant colors. Native to Central and South America, the amaryllis (hippeastrum) is a bulbous plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family.


Perched at the top of a long pole, the amaryllis flowers can brighten up your interior with their bright colors. You can definitely enjoy their presence even in the middle of winter. Their cultivation is very simple and you can even try to make the bulb bloom again for several years in a row.

In this article, we are going to learn more about the beauty of Amaryllis including the following:

  • The history of Amaryllis
  • Amaryllis main characteristics
  • Amaryllis:n indoor plant
  • Amaryllis flowering
  • Amaryllis planting
  • Amaryllis caring
  • Amaryllis symbolism

The History of Amaryllis

With its beautiful flowers and unusual growth, the amaryllis stirs everyone’s interest, curiosity, and admiration. The first to use amaryllis were the Dutch, who imported bulbs from Mexico and South America. They began to develop hybrids in the early 18th century. Since then, many countries have become producers of this plant.

The term “amaryllis” comes from Virgil’s Les Bucoliques. The author named it “amaryllis” – which means “to sparkle,” in honor of her splendid beauty. In 1733, the botanist borrowed this name and used it for this delightful plant, unknown at that time in Europe.

But the name amaryllis was problematic.  It was already used to refer to another species native to South Africa. In 1987, the name “Hippeastrum” was officially given to the flower. The term “hippeastrum” comes from the Greek hippo which means “horse” and aster, which means “star.”

Amaryllis’ Main Characteristics

The amaryllis is known for its high and imposing stature. Proudly viewed as a beautiful plant, the amaryllis highlights the dazzling colors that made it popular and famous. More often than not, the amaryllis is presented as a plant that grows best in a pot.

Non-rustic versions of the plant are found in garden centers in the fall. Its bulbs are often bought in bulk and are planted between October and December.

The bulbs are recognizable by their size. They are known for growing in autumn and flowering in winter. Its corollas vary from 4 to 6, depending on the variety of the plant. The flower is characterized by its bright and deep colors, in the middle of which, there are sometimes white streaks.

Certain types of amaryllis can present double flowers, while others grow only a single row.

Amaryllis: An Indoor Plant

Formerly part of the Liliaceae family, the amaryllis is first of all a houseplant. This beauty particularly blooms and grows in the middle of winter and thrives in warm environments.

The amaryllis develops well in heated greenhouses, or in homes that are warm and cozy. The plant also has an African version, which does not fear the cold.

Unlike the American amaryllis, the African plant can grow in low temperatures. It finds a favorable growing ground outdoors, where the cold does not slow its development.

Amaryllis Flowering

As a matter of fact, Amaryllis is a tropical plant that flowers mainly in winter. However, the flower is categorized as a spring plant, whose flowering has been advanced. Originally, the hatching of its petals during the winter festivals was, therefore, not natural. If its flowers wilt on bad days, it does not mean that the plant is good to throw away.

Besides, the Amaryllis has some nice surprises you should be aware of. If the flower is preserved until the sun returns, the plant with fallen petals quickly flowers again. You can easily decorate your living room for a good part of the year. You should take into consideration some important points:

  • In summer, its foliage takes on yellowish tones, which indicate its entry into the rest phase.
  • Amaryllis can bloom again for several years when properly stored.

Amaryllis Planting

Do you want beautiful amaryllis flowers at home for the holidays? In this case, plant the bulbs in mid-October. Choose a terracotta pot that is about 20 centimeters. Make sure you use clay balls at the bottom and a potting soil for indoor plants.

Plant the bulb about 2 cm from the surface. The amaryllis fears frost, so keep the pot inside. Keep it in a dark, cool place (around 15 ° C) until the bulb takes root. After a month and a half, place your amaryllis in a bright place, with higher temperatures (around 20 ° C). If all goes well, the flowers appear at the right time and you can thoroughly enjoy it.

Amaryllis Care

The amaryllis is not difficult to maintain and care for. You should water it one to two times a week water the bulb is planted. When it blossoms, the amaryllis needs to be watered every two to three days. It ceases once the flowering period has ended, and should not resume until the start of a new cycle.

Amaryllis is also a plant that thrives in sunlight, but should not be exposed to it continuously when planted indoors. Adding fertilizer should not be done more than once in the month.

The plant does not require any special treatment. Its life is done only when its flowers fade. Finally, note that the amaryllis is rarely affected by diseases, and that insects rarely invade it. In the end, the Amaryllis is a plant that is very easy to maintain.

Amaryllis Symbolism 

With its imposing and high-pitched flowers, the hippeastrum is viewed as a symbol of arrogance. In the language of flowers, if you offer the amaryllis to someone, you send a clear and bold message to the recipient. In other words, your message can be interpreted as: “Don’t resist me!”

To announce the birth of Christ, the angels used trumpets. It is said that they created the amaryllis with the image of this musical instrument to leave a glorious memory for this day.

In ancient Greek literature, amaryllis was the archetype of exceptionally beautiful women. Its name, to be compared to the verb “amaryssein,” meaning to shine and to sparkle. The amaryllis is simply a wonderful plant. With its silhouette and majestic flower, your interior is like heaven.

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