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Carnations are a plant that is known for its full and overflowing blooms. The flower is beautiful and comes in a variety of colors that is sure to please everyone. The popular plant is used in bouquets all around the world as they are known for their long life span and hardiness. So, just how long do carnations last? In this article, we are going to go deep to give you the answer. These flowers are a favorite for a reason. They add elegance and class to any occasion.

Red, pink, and white are the standard carnation colors we see in florist shops and gardens. However, the flower does have other options that include dual-color varieties that have petals in varying shades. The flowers are rich with history and have an interesting background that we should all know about. Here are some interesting facts about carnations that aren’t common knowledge.

In this article, you are going to learn the following:

A Robust Background

The carnation has been called the “flower of the gods” by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Both groups grew and cultivated the pretty bloom thousands of years ago. They were used in ceremonies and worn as crowns and garlands as a fashion statement. Carnations were used as décor for these rituals as both the Greeks and Romans appreciated its beauty and uniqueness.

Carnations Have Meaning

Since carnations were first cultivated over 2,000 years ago, it only makes sense that the flower carries a lot of symbolism and meaning with it from past generations. For example, many scholars believe the name comes from the Latin term “caro,” which refers to the flesh. In turn, the flower was then derived from “incarnation,” which comes from the incarnation of God made flesh.

Christians have also used carnations in certain scriptures. Many believe that the flowers grew where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell when she watched Jesus carry the cross. A lot of followers of the religion view the flower as a symbol of motherly love.

In addition to the previous meanings, carnations can also be separated by color. Each hue represents a theme that is still believed today. White carnations are a symbol of pureness and holiness. Pink carnations symbolize appreciation and gratefulness while red carnations mean love and admiration.

Carnations Can Be Eaten

Yes, you read that right—carnations are edible! The petals of the flower can be used in many ways. Cooks all around the world have used the carnation to make tea, wine, candy, and other sweet confections. For those who enjoy the petals, they are often described as sweet and almost dessert-like. If you do decide to try one for yourself, make sure you cut the base of the bloom first. The rest of the plant is bitter and not meant to be eaten or cooked.

Carnations Last a Long Time

Carnations are known by florists and gardeners to have a long lifecycle. A fresh flower can last between one to two weeks with proper care and maintenance. For this reason, they are a staple in bouquets and gardens everywhere. The key to a long life includes daily upkeep and preservation. Thankfully, taking care of the bloom is easy:

  • Once you cut the flowers or receive your bouquet, put them in water so they can remain moist. When you get your vase ready, make sure you fill the container with room temperature water.
  • Either use a pinch of sugar or flower food to add to the water to extend the carnations’ life.
  • Take the flowers from the water and diagonally cut each stem to your preferred length. Trimming the stems helps the carnation to retain water.
  • Remove all leaves that are below the water’s surface as they are going to rot over time.
  • When the carnations are displayed, check the water daily to make sure it stays fresh. If it starts looks murky or cloudy, replace it with clean water. You can also cut back the stems again to facilitate their intake of water.

When you follow these simple steps, you can expect to enjoy your carnations for up to 14 days. What a treat!

You Can Change a Carnation’s Colors

Changing a carnation’s colors is a neat trick to do with your friends and family. All you need is some food coloring, water, and a little bit of patience. Pick a color you want the carnation to be. Add the corresponding food coloring to clean water. Cut the end of the stem and add the flower to the water. In a day or two, the flower is going to absorb the color and can be seen in the petals!

A State Flower

Ohio chose the carnation to be its state flower in the early 1900s. When President McKinley was assassinated in 1901, the state wanted to find a way to honor the man. They chose the scarlet carnation to do so. The decision was made because when he was the governor of Ohio, he often wore a scarlet carnation on the lapel of his suit. It was thought to be his favorite flower.

Amazing Health Benefits

The carnation also has a slew of health benefits that many believe today.

  • Herbalists use the flower to treat coronary and nervous disorders.
  • Carnation oil is extracted from the flower and used to treat skin ailments. These conditions include rashes, eczema, and even helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Carnation tea helps to relieve stress and can be used to treat motion sickness. The liquid can also clear the throat and help restore your intestinal health
  • Carnation petals have been used to help treat muscle spasms and sore muscles.

Carnations are flowers that have an abundant history, beautiful blooms, and so much more. This plant that has been around for thousands of years is destined to continue being cultivated and enjoyed. Enjoy the flower and all the benefits it can give you. These long-lasting blooms are going to keep you smiling for weeks to come.

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