15 Summer Perennials That Will Keep You Smiling All Season

Summer perennials title card

The weather is heating up and the time has come to bid farewell to our favourite spring blooms for the year and to welcome our favourite summer perennials.

The hottest season of the year can sometimes prove tricky for flowers, with warm sun and little rain causing some plants to wilt before summer ends. However, today we’re going to take a look at 15 examples of flowers which bloom all summer to bring extra joy to the sunnier weather that we all love. Keep these perennials in your garden to ensure floral smiles throughout the summer months.


Marigolds red and orange

These hardy flowers are excellent at withstanding hot summers, which is helped by their love of full sunshine. Don’t forget marigolds have a few other tricks up their sleeves too.


aster flowers in pink

These popular and fast growing summer perennials have a long seasonal life span. Depending on the type, some flourish best in full sun while others prefer shadier spots. If given the right care they can easily last right up to Autumn time.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

Purple coneflower

These wonderful purple blooms are a welcome arrival as summer begins and are great for encouraging butterflies into your garden. They also make fantastic cut flowers if you want to give someone a gift full of colour.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed susan flowers in yellow

These big, yellow daisy-like plants love the sun and are a summer favourite for the garden. They can appear from as early as early summer and last until the first frosts of winter, leading them to sometimes known as “Indian Summer” Black-Eyed Susans.

Rose of Sharon

pink Rose of sharon flowers

Normally appearing around June or sometimes as late as July, these hardy plants will bloom during the entirety of summer until the cooler weather arrives in autumn.


multicoloured snap dragons

Not all varieties of snapdragon are suitable for the summer, but of course the aptly named summer snapdragon and also the common snapdragon won’t fail to impress during the hot season. When they’ve gone to seed they also leave one further surprise, just in time for Halloween, as their seed pods have an almost skull shaped appearance.


Purple catmint flowers

This beautiful bushy plant bursts into life when summer arrives with amazing, colourful, blue and purple shades. It doesn’t matter where you plant it as it’s able to flourish either in full sun or in an area with afternoon shade.


Pink phlox flowers

The great thing about phlox flowers is not just that they are ideal perennials to brighten up your summer garden. They also are perfect due to the varieties of colour they can bring, blooming in purple, white, red and pink bursts.

Bellflowers (Campanula)

Purple bell flowers

If they encounter the right climate conditions (warm but not too hot), these brilliant blue flowers can bloom all through the summer months.


Basket of Chrysanthemums outside

Chrysanthemums normally arrive a little later than some other summer blooming flowers but when they arrive they have staying power. Another daisy variety that loves the summer sun, these resistant blooms can last until into early winter.



When preparing your summer garden, it’s important to remember that not all lavenders are created equal. Some variants are will bloom early in spring and not last the whole summer. The varieties that are best to keep for a long summer of lavender colour are English and Spanish lavender, which can bloom more than once in a season.


EURO 2016

These wonderful flowers which are great for attracting garden visitors like butterflies and hummingbirds. Depending on the variety that you grow, you can enjoy your irises from May to early September.


Pink Dahlias

Dahlias are naturally tropical plants so they love summer heat and sunshine. If you’re growing them in a climate with hard frosts, it’s important to remember to store their tuber roots inside during the winter.



Hydrageas need a little work so they maintain their majesty throughout the whole summer season. However, if trimmed, hydrated and given access to enough sunlight they’ll last and last.


Red geraniums

There are believed to be three variants of geranium that can last the whole summer, in addition to many species of the plants that are particularly long lasting.

It’s clear to see that summer is time full of flowers, allowing you to enjoy sunny days outside that are full of colour. Which are your favourite summer flowers?

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