More fun in your garden !

15 idees pour recycler de vieux meubles dans le jardin 11 FloraQueen EN More fun in your garden !

The garden is a living space that constitutes an integral part of any home. Our climate means we spend more time in the garden in spring and summer. You can grow your own fruit and vegetables there, organise barbecues amongst friends, kick back and relax with a good novel, or even turn it into a playing field for an afternoon (boules, cricket, swimming, etc.).

As far as decorating is concerned, you can add another dimension to your garden by simply using accessories. With a pinch of originality and a dash of good cheer, you can make this spot one that is brimming over with life. Statues, earthenware pots or other more curious objects, together with the right flowers and plants, will delight your guests and put the whole family in a good mood.

Original and unusual flowerpots

  Here, plants take on the appearance of hair in original shades of colour. As for statues of human busts, it is always the choice of plant that counts. Plants will really breathe life into these faces, which can then be decorated with a few accessories such as necklaces, glasses, etc.

Recycled clothes

recycling-jeans-planter     4158746-6312063   bottes-pots-fleurs-L-9-Copie-150x150

It might have never entered your head, but you can reuse your old jeans as flower containers. That gives a chic touch to your plants and to your garden, and what’s more, it’s eco-friendly! You can do the same with an old pair of wellies or shoes for example.

Something a tad more impressive?

And why not turn one’s car into a gorgeous, giant garden? Again, it’s to give a second life to an object rather than throw it away. What’s more, you’ll agree that a car turned into a flower container is the height of originality. And to combine musical taste with nature, you can do the same with a piano or another musical instrument.


An old bed with a grass mattress and metal sculptures at the Picker garden in Borken-Weseke (Germany).


Now you have everything to make your garden a must-see spot. Try it for yourself!


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