Learn about Easter Lily Care and Make You Garden Beautiful

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Flowers are very important in our daily life. First, they make everyone more happy and cheerful. Their beauty brightens up the spirit of human beings and makes their mood better.

In addition, they have an important role, which helps a person express their profound feelings, thoughts, and emotions. For instance, during any marriage proposal, it is necessary to have a wonderful arrangement of flowers in the hand of the man to propose to his partner for life.

Furthermore, flowers are used in home decorations. For example, you can put a beautiful vase of easter lilies on your desk. You can also decorate your room with dozens of flowers.

Easter lilies are gorgeous and popular flowers, and they are common to have in the home around the spring. We also find them in offices, churches, and other locations. If you have one of these flowers, you must know how to take care of it.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following points:

* Quotes about Easter Lily Flower.
* What Are the Meanings of the Easter Lily Flower?
* What Are The Steps to Take Care OF Easter Lily?
* How to Take Care of Easter Lily Outside Your Home?
* What Are the Best Occasions to Buy Easter Lily Flowers?

Quotes about Easter Lily Flower

You can find dozens of quotes that talk about the Easter lily. Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “A lily or a rose never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is.” This quote means that the Easter lily has epic beauty and very charming shape.

Furthermore, there is another quote that confirms the special beauty of those blooms, which is: “Easter spells out beauty; the rare beauty of new life” written by S.D. Gordon.

In addition, Mary McCarthy said, “Easter lilies are around the altar, rosaries, ornamented prayer books, votive lamps, holy cards stamped in gold and decorated with flower wreaths and a saint’s picture.” This quote shows the importance of Easter lilies in religion and the decoration of the church.

Finally, there is a song that talks about Easter flowers and says: “I am a flower of the open field and a lily of the steep valleys.”

What Are the Meanings of the Easter Lily Flower?

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.”- by Janine di Giovanni. This quote gives several popular meanings of easter lily.

There are other meanings to this bloom. For example, some countries regard easter lilies as a symbol of elegance, life, hope, and charm. Moreover, it is one of the traditional flowers of Easter.

It can also symbolize the resurrection of Jesus. A legend says that the blood of Jesus Christ was transformed into those white flowers that filled both earth and heaven. For this reason, this type of flower symbolizes religion. Therefore, on the first Sunday after the first full moon, people fill churches with easter lilies. Moreover, these flowers stand for great celebrations such as holidays, summer, and trips.

What Are the Steps to Take Care of Easter Lily?

If you want to keep your Easter lilies bloom, it is necessary to follow these steps:

First, immediately unpack your flowers once you arrive at your house, to let them take a breath.

Then, detach the anthers, which are the tall stems that grow at the center of the lilies. This is to make the life of your flowers longer. Grab a vase after cleaning it with hot water and soap to avoid bacteria growth. Put it in an area with air and sunlight. Keep your vase cool, and make sure that you protect your flowers from any heat sources. Finally, move away from any dying flowers.

How to Take Care of Easter Lily Outside Your Home?

It is amazing to have a garden full of Easter lilies. There are easy steps to follow to have it. First, you should wait until your flowers finish blooming, then you can transplant them in your garden. Secondly, avoid causing rotting while planting the bulb. Remember adding a few inches of sawdust around its roots.

Then, while the flower is blooming, give it water. You have to be patient to take care of your Easter lilies and think about fertilizing ahead of the very cold months. Fortunately, for easter lilies, you do not have to wait until the next summer to have and see the second bloom. If you want to make it faster, cut the stem when it begins to change into brown.

What Are the Best Occasions to Buy Easter Lily Flowers?

On top of the list, Valentine’s Day represents a very wonderful occasion to offer easter lily flowers to your partner. They help you to show your love, respect, and profound feelings. In addition, you can give a bouquet of Easter lilies as a birthday gift to your friend, your boss at work, or your neighbor.

Furthermore, if one of your parents is sick in the hospital, the best kind of flowers you can offer is Easter lilies, because they are synonymous with the expression “get well soon” and their beautiful white color stands for hope and optimism.

Moreover, the Easter lily flower is a sophisticated way to say “thank you” to a good friend for his unconditional support or your colleague at work. You can also offer Easter lilies to your sister after giving birth to her first child or on the day of her graduation to celebrate her success.

Easter lilies become very popular for their fascinating fragrance and attractive shapes. In addition, they are recognized by their beautiful snowy color that lets you feel happy, optimistic, and active. All over the world, people are buying those flowers to offer them as a gift on a large number of occasions such as birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, or graduation ceremonies.

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