So Many Flower Beds: Which Should you Choose?

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Regardless of the size of your home, there are very few people who can argue against the idea that a flower bed is quite possibly the most crucial part of your back or front yard.

A flower bed brings color, beautiful aromas, and a lovely natural setting to what otherwise would be an empty piece of land with a building on it. For those gardeners out there, planning out exactly how to layout and build their first flower bed, or simply how to reconfigure an existing flower bed, can be a painful experience. Visualizing which set of flower goes where, and how to arrange entire swaths of plants against specific backdrops is not an easy task and creating a finished product that matches what you imagined is even more difficult.

We explore some of the classical flower bed schemes, and a few other goodies, and walk you through how you should think of each before deciding. So, follow along to find your perfect choice.

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• Classic Flower Beds                                                                                                                  • Raised Flower Beds

Classic Flower Beds

One of the best things about flower beds is that they can be set up pretty much anywhere on your land with soil, which for most people, means anywhere outside their house. Flower beds are the centerpiece of a yard, and they can make even the side of a driveway look beautiful when done right.

Wave Flower Bed: One of our personal favorites, so let’s start with this. The wave flower bed has asymmetrical beddings, with a curving path that can be set with gravel or even rocks that flows in between the two beds. You can plant your flowers in rounded or more wave-like patterns. Using the same colors gives it more of that wavy look, but you can add a touch of other colors if you are feeling creative.

Geometric Pattern Flower Bed: For you math lovers out there, the geometric pattern flower bed is perfect. The idea is to create a zig-zagging pattern throughout the entire flower bed. Stake out your edges to give you a set border to create your design within and get to mathing it up.

Circular Flower Bed:  Creating this baby right in the center of your yard is often best, as the circular shape creates a visually appealing pattern for the eyes. Mixing up multiple colors can give it a groovy look, but if you’re a minimalist, then going for single or double colors only creates a very calming backdrop to your lawn. For those of you looking to create the perfect circle, there are some helpful videos online showcasing how to best proceed in creating the perfect oval flower bed.

Use a Wall or Fence: Putting your flower beds up against a solid surface can add depth to it, especially if you have a smaller space to work with. This creates a feeling of more space when there is very little. Choose a wall or fence and get to designing whatever your little heart desires.

Total Lawn Takeover: For those of you with big lawns empty of any life besides green grass, the world can seem a bit empty. An easy suggestion to add some life to it is to turn the entire lawn into one gigantic flower bed. Fill up the whole yard with flowers, then create your yellow brick road through it so you can get home after if you ever want to leave.

Peek Over Your Window: Creating a flower bed right below a window can be an excellent way to bring some intoxicating aromas into your kitchen or bedroom from outdoors. It is also a pleasant way to wake up in the morning, pop open your window, and take a gander down at your loving plant friends. Ideally, you would grow taller, larger varieties of flowers in this kind of bedding as they are much more vibrant to look down at.

The Artist’s Flower Bed: For those of you with a bit of an artistic bend, this one is for you. The idea is to create very intricate designs, generally lots of them in smaller spaces, creating intricate patterns to bedazzle guests. Doing something like this requires a heck of a lot of preparation, though, because any mistake can ruin the whole thing. So, think carefully before embarking on something this difficult.

Tree Lovers: The ideal way to help liven up any deciduous trees you have in your yard, creating a flower bed right up against a tree can give it a beautiful look during the months when it’s lost its leaves. Choosing the right kind of flowers is critical, as you want varieties that bloom in the season that your tree is taking its yearly long nap.

The Ecosystem Copycat: For those looking to recreate the same patterns that Mother Nature herself uses to great advantage, following the guild system is ideal. Plants in ecosystems generally form based on their differing heights. Using taller perennials, such as trees, and smaller plants to create vibrant landscapes, can be quite stunning when done correctly.

Raised Beds

Sometimes yards do not allow you to plant directly due to poor soil or other issues, and that is where a raised bed comes into play. Here are two options.

Classic wooden raised bed: Probably the most common of raised beds, you can find this in many people’s yards around the world. Perfect for those on a budget, all you need is some wooden boards that you can pretty up if you so desire. Create whatever shape that you like and line the bed with pond liner to stop any rot from setting it.

Stone Raised Bed: For those of you looking for a more stable, and classical look, go with the stone raised bed. You have probably seen these in large buildings outside, and public squares.

You can use a variety of different stones to add beauty and texture, and they can even have sitting space incorporated into them for those who like to sit in the yard and bask in the beauty of their flowers or read a book to pass the time.

Creativity Wins

There are a myriad of ways you can set up your flower beds, and the more creative you get, the more pleasure there is to be had in the final product. Make it your own, make it awesome, and satisfaction shall ensue.

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