What Flowers do Hummingbirds Like? Flowers to Add to Your Garden

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There are many types of flowers out there that can attract hummingbirds, but some of them are much better at enticing these tiny birds than others. The flowers that most often attract hummingbirds are red in color, but they feed off of flowers of all colors. Also, the same flowers that attract hummingbirds also tend to attract butterflies and bees, two important pollinators in a garden. What are the best flowers to choose? Here is a full list:

* Bee Balm                                                                                                                                  * Cardinal Flower                                                                                                                        * Zinnia                                                                                                                                        * Salvia                                                                                                                                        * Bleeding Heart                                                                                                                          * Butterfly Bush                                                                                                                            * Trumpet Creeper                                                                                                                      * Lupine                                                                                                                                      * Columbine                                                                                                                                * Petunia

Bee Balm

The bee balm is a spherical flower with spikes, which make it not only an attractive plant to put in your garden, but also one that attracts hummingbirds. Bee balm is a perennial, and it is well-named, as it also attracts bees. Typically, this plant grows anywhere from 2 to 4 feet tall, and you must divide it every few years to keep it looking healthy.

Cardinal Flower

The cardinal flower is also a perennial, and it also can grow as tall as 4 feet tall. It has bright red blooms that hummingbirds love, and it works very well when placed in a mixed perennial bed. You can add mulch to keep the soil moist, and if you live in an area with frost, you should also mulch, as it helps to protect the roots. The cardinal flower is a self-seeding flower, which means it could soon start its own colony in your garden.


The zinnia is an annual, and it is remarkably easy to grow. It has a lot of brightly colored blooms, which make them a favorite option for hummingbirds and pollinators. There are hundreds of different types of zinnias out there, and they vary based on size, habits, and flower shape. The smallest only grow to be about 6 inches tall, but others can grow up to 4 feet tall. Other birds like the zinnia as well including finches, and you can also cut zinnias and make your own beautiful bouquets. If you do try to grow them, just keep in mind that they do like soil that is moist, but too much humidity can lead to disease. So, make sure they are spread out enough when you plant them to ensure they are getting air.


Salvia is a tall plant with tiny flowers, which make it a great choice to put in the back of your flowerbed. There are also many different types of plants in the salvia family and the flowers bloom in mid-summer and remain almost until fall. If you keep the plants well watered, they can bloom over and over again. The plant can grow as tall as 36 inches in height, you donÕt have to divide them, and they get larger over time.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart is a beautiful and unique plant that has heart shaped blooms that are pink or white. These plants do best in areas that are on the cooler side, and they prefer light shade. It can get as tall as 36 inches in height, and you can divide it to keep the size under control. If the plant gets too much sun, it will begin to turn yellow and die back. You also should make sure that the soil is wet, but well-drained, as this flower is prone to root rot.

Butterfly Bush

This beautiful shrub is really popular in gardens thanks to its ability to attract butterflies of different species. In addition to attracting butterflies, though, the butterfly bush also attracts hummingbirds. The flowers appear in mid-summer and last until fall, and it loves full sun. The butterfly bush is resistant to drought, and it is very easy to care for.

Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet creeper is also called the hummingbird vine. As you might expect from the name, this is a climbing plant that can easily overpower small areas. It climbs on fences, trees, arbors, and even garages and sheds. The foliage is dense, and it has trumpet-shaped flowers. The trumpet creeper loves full sun, but this can cause it to get out of control quickly. You must keep it well-pruned to keep it from overwhelming the other plants in the garden.


Wild lupine attracts hummingbirds very well, it doesnÕt do well in a home garden. Fortunately, there are hybrids out there that are easy to care for and still attract hummingbirds. Most lupine for a home garden are short-lived, but they bloom early in the season, which helps to attract hummingbirds to your yard before they find other places to eat. The lupin grows to about 4 feet tall, and they have spikes of flowers. Though they are perennials, they must be replanted every few years.


The columbine flower is a perennial that is often seen as quite elegant, and it is a great way to attract hummingbirds into your garden. There are a number of different species of columbine that you can plant, and there are also a number of hybrids that have been created from these species. So, you have a full menu of options for you when it comes the columbine. If you choose to add columbine to your garden, it is best used as an edging plant. It grows up to 3 feet in height, and you can ensure a lot of flowers by deadheading the plant after the bloom is spent.


Of all the annual flowers out there, petunias are some of the most common. They are pretty inexpensive, and they are also very easy to grow. Petunias need full sun, and they can be planted in beds, baskets, borders, or containers. These flowers do best in full sun, and they keep blooming over and over, which gives the hummingbirds that are visiting a place to eat all season long.

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