The 3 most beautiful European gardens

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As much as we love having flowers and plants in our homes on display, there is nothing quite like seeing them beautifully presented in their natural surroundings. Gardens are man-made, so we can’t call them completely natural. However, when a garden is done well there is no spectacle quite like it. In this blog we are going to introduce you to the 3 most beautiful European gardens. If you don’t want to go to all of these after reading, then you obviously weren’t paying enough attention!

So, which are these 3 most beautiful European gardens? 

Keukenhof, Netherlands

most beautiful european gardens keukenhof

Keukenhof Garden in Lisse, Netherlands is without a doubt the most beautiful collection of tulips on the planet. In the garden you will come across more than seven million bulbs of eight hundred varieties of tulips. The display covers almost 80 acres of land and all of this is open to the public. In 2017 Keukenhof is showing off the best of Dutch design and therefore has a garden dedicated to the famous Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan. This garden will of course be made up of only primary coloured tulips, as per the paintings of Mondriaan.

It’s not just impressive tulip collections that can be seen in the garden. There are also hundreds of sculptures made up of the flowers, which can be bought at the end of the season. Do you have a spare €26,000? If so, then take a look at what’s on offer this year. Yeah, maybe just a little bit expensive!

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We could spend hours looking at the photos from Keukenhof on Pinterest, and we would recommend that you do so yourself! If you can’t find time to go and visit this is the next best thing.

giverny, france

most beautiful european gardens

Another of the most beautiful European gardens is this garden in Giverny, northern France. Unless you have spent your life living in a cave, you would at some point have seen these gardens in the famous painting of Claude Monet. These gardens were formed by Monet himself in the later years of his life. He took inspiration from Japanese gardens that he had seen in prints. This influence is clear, with a pond complete with water lilies, bamboo on the banks and the centrepiece of his most famous painting, the wooden footbridge.

Visitors all remark on visiting the garden how it feels like they have stepped inside the painting to Monet’s magical little world. So if you ever find yourself in Paris, take a day trip to Giverny, we promise that the hour long journey will be worth it. Not many people can say that visited these beautiful European gardens.

In the mean time, check out some pictures on Pinterest. We apologise in advance for making you jealous of those who have been able to go!

Kew gardens, England 

most beautiful european gardens kew

Kew Gardens stands out as one of the most beautiful European gardens for a different reason to the other two. Whereas the others stand out for their refinement in one style, Kew Gardens stands out for its beauty in various different areas. The whole park is a feast for the eyes with over 30,000 flowers and plants from all around the globe on show somewhere in the gardens.

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The centrepiece is the ‘temperate house’ (above), this is an enormous greenhouse built in the Victorian era, which is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside, the world’s tallest plant, a Chilean wine-palm is growing. Even the 16m tall roof is not going to be enough to contain it soon!

Other highlights of these gardens include the Palm House, full of tropical plants, and the Japanese Garden. You could spend an entire day in these gardens and still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface. 

Being only 20 minutes from central London on the Underground, Kew Gardens are a must visit if you are ever in the British capital!


So, which of these most beautiful European gardens impresses you the most? Which would be the first garden you would want to visit? Let us know!

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