Birth Flowers

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Would you like to know what flower represents your birth month? And what those flowers mean?

Not so fast…… first we need to go over some facts.

Flower symbolism began with many ancient religions. During the Renaissance, nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine and in the Victorian times the use of flowers as symbols to represent emotions reached its height. The Victorians may have looked circumspect but they developed an elaborate language based on flower symbolism to express their feelings to the opposite sex. This must have made for some interesting flower arrangements and cryptic messages!

You may have thought that just the alignment of the planets was a clue to your character but you need not rely only on the horoscope. Thanks to creative minds of yore, your birth month and associated flower can convey interests, intent and emotion as well.


The Carnation, stands for love, fascination and distinction

The Carnation


The Violet, stands for modesty, faithfulness, and affection

The Violet


The Daffodil stands for chivalry, respect and regard

The Daffodil


The Sweet Pea, stands for luck, pleasure and gratefulness

The Sweet_Pea


The Lily of the Valley, stands for sweetness, youth and modesty

The Lily of the valley


The Rose, stands for passionate love, beauty and memories

The Rose


The Larkspur,  stands for open heart and faithfulness

The Larkspur


The Gladiolus, stands for strength, sincerity and beauty

The Gladiolus


The Aster, stands for faith, wisdom and courage

The Aster


The Calendula,  stands for sympathy and wisdom

The Calendula


The Chrysanthemum, stands for hope, cheerfulness and optimism

The Chrysanthemum


The Narcissus, stands for modesty, peace, and sweetness

The Narcissus