Famous Flowers in Films

Flowers in Films

Flowers have been used to add dramatic flare and effect in films for centuries, let’s take a look at some of the most iconic flower scenes in cinematic history

Poppies in The Wizard Of Oz

Now a classic watched by young and old alike, The Wizard of Oz was innovative for its time. In 1939 its pioneering use of Technicolor and special effects was unique. The film is scattered with bright and vibrant scenes, all of which was never seen before in film history. Few scenes, however, are more iconic than the one in which Dorothy falls asleep amid a vast field of deadly, scarlet poppies.

Red Roses in American Beauty

One of the most iconic images in cinematic history is that of Mena Suvari laying naked on a bed of crimson red rose petals. This 1999 Oscar winning drama was the master work of director Sam Mendes. Its title; American Beauty has a double meaning. The American Beauty is one of the most famous cultivated roses in history, a creation of Henri Lédéchaux in France in 1875 and which is not only one of the best-selling rose varieties each year for Valentine’s day in the United States but also the symbol of the District of Columbia

Flowers in Films

Yellow daffodils in Big fish

In Big Fish hopeless romantic Edward Bloom, played by Ewan McGregor, “tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories.” One of the movies most mesmerizing scenes, Bloom makes a grand and surreal attempt to secure the girl of his dreams by planting an endless sea of bright yellow daffodils outside her window. It truly is a beautiful scene, the flowers are real and were transported and set up by the production team during one weekend.

Flowers in Films

A single Rose in Beauty and the Beast

A film seen by millions and most definitely a Disney classic, the story of Beauty and the Beast is one that is known around the world. And a rose, a simple rose, is the key to the film. This magic rose, the central part of the entire plot is an iconic image scene throughout the movie. The prince must learn to love and be loved before the last petal falls from rose or else he will remain a beast forever, with the help of the beautiful belle he succeeds in this, as the last petal of this symbolic rose falls he becomes a handsome prince once again.

Four daisies in Plucking the Daisy

It was only four daisies that were used in this scene that is undoubtedly one of Brigitte Bardot’s most famous, and boosted her career to what it is today. In the film, released in 1956, Bardot interprets a writer whose ambition has no limits and that eventually leads her to participate in a striptease contest wearing only a mask and a bra formed by four daisies.

Cherry Blossoms in Memoirs of a geisha

This famous scene in the film by Arthur Golden’s adaptation of the novel is a tribute to cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms are an authentic and traditional symbol of Japan. In the scene, Sayuri, the main actress, walks with the enigmatic President while cherry blossom petals fall all around them.

Flowers in Films

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