Six Lovely Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

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From outdoor gardens to windowsills, flowers can brighten up our world with a vast array of beautiful colors and scents. For those looking to spice things up, though, there are ways to attract some fun, fascinating visitors to the garden. Hummingbirds, those hovering, speedy creatures that enrapture anyone who happens to spot them, are quite the connoisseur of flower nectar, just like bees and moths. If you want to invite some aerial friends into your garden, we have put together a list of six beautiful flowers you can use to up your chances of attracting these magnificent creatures.
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• Petunia Flower
• Hummingbird Vine
Butterfly Bush
Bleeding Heart
• Cardinal Flower
• Fuchsia Flower

Petunia Flower

Part of the Solanaceae family, the petunia flower has beautiful, broad petals arching upwards that are the perfect invitation for hummingbirds. They are very popular annual flowers due to their easy care and growth patterns. There are around 20 species within the genus, and most originate from South America. Although insects tend to be the primary pollinators of petunias, they are quite attractive to many hummingbirds, especially the P.exserta variety, which is rarer, with beautiful red petals that are primarily pollinated by hummingbirds. Petunias can survive in very harsh environments, although they do not do well in the cold. A good amount of sunlight and shade with a weekly watering can keep them thriving and attracting any bird friends you might be trying to tempt. The plants do well in smaller spaces and can be kept in baskets and other types of containers indoors if so desired. A fun fact to know is that the petunia flower name is derived from the French, who named it petun, which itself is the word from tobacco in the language of the Tupi Guarani.

Hummingbird Vine

Also known as the trumpet vine, the campsis radicans plant is a flowering plant of the Bignoniaceae family. It is commonly found in many parts of the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe. It is one of the most invasive plant species, and anyone looking to include it in their garden must be wary of it to make sure it does not overtake the entire area it is grown in. Keeping it pruned every week or two is always a good idea. It has very thick foliage and cone-shaped flowers, which are ideal for any hummingbirds looking for a snack. Its broad petals are the perfect storage unit for nectar, and they produce large amounts, so expect quite a few birds to be snooping around.

Butterfly Bush

This perennial flower is one of the most delicately beautiful plants on the list. Its thick clusters of petals hang enticingly down, attracting both hummingbirds and butterflies in droves. The butterfly bush, or buddleia davidii, is native to China and is a sun-loving shrub, and ideally grown in an area that receives lots of sunlight. Be wary, though, as it can be quite invasive like the hummingbird vine, and so must be kept from expanding outside the boundaries you wish to set. One of the more popular varieties is called the black knight, which has vivid, deeply purple petals, almost black in their coloring. It is quite a tough plant and is not bothered by any other foraging animals.

Bleeding Heart

Known as lamprocapnos spectabilis scientifically, this mouthful has been reduced to the more pleasing name bleeding heart due to its gorgeous petals, which hang down from thin stems and are shaped like little hearts. The bleeding-heart plant is a perennial that can grow around 3 feet, with around 20 tiny blossoms hanging from its foliage. The typical blooming season is in spring. For those couples looking to add some romance to their home, the flowers are typically thought to symbolize both love and purity, the perfect addition to a newlywed’s household.

Cardinal Flower

Another perennial flower, the lobelia cardinalis, is a part of the bellflower family. They can be found throughout the States, Canada, as well as parts of Mexico. Cardinal flowers are a beautiful, vivid blood-red, much like the robes of Catholic cardinal priests which they get their name from. They are very much the favorite treat of the ruby-throated hummingbird, who are drawn to their bright coloring. Placing them in a spot with full sunlight and moist soil brings out their full potential, and although they only last a month or so, they are well worth the effort to keep in your garden.

Fuchsia Flower

Native to parts of South America, the fuchsia plant is a tiny, delicate flowering plant that does well in tropical or sub-tropical climates. There are over 100 species within the genus, and it is the perfect plant for decoration. The fuchsia plant works very well in hanging baskets, with stems that droop downwards and trail off the sides with teardrop looking petals inviting hummingbirds to come by for a taste. The plants are a pale, purple coloring, quite lovely, which is what gives them their name.

One is Never Enough

From the dark, brooding beauty of the cardinal flower to the lovely, sun-facing petals of the petunia flower, there are a myriad of flowers that can not only beautify your garden and home but also attract a bunch of fun creatures. Hummingbirds bring an ethereal quality to the garden, hovering in place, flapping their wings at what seems like supersonic speeds. Filling a garden with not one, but a multitude of different flower species that may attract these fantastical birds seems like a great idea. Don’t forget that many of the flowers that attract hummingbirds can also attract other exciting creatures such as butterflies, moths, and sometimes even beetles. Keep your eyes peeled for the adventure happening out in your garden’s folks.

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