Fire Flower: Explore these Flowers that Look Like Fire

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There are many beautiful flowers out there, but none are possibly more beautiful than the fiery combination of red and yellow flowers. These colors come together to create a flower that looks like it is literally on fire! There are many options out there if you are interested in adding a fire flower to your garden, including the following:

* Dutch Carnival Dahlia
* Uptick Gold & Bronze Coreopsis
* Red & Yellow French Parrot Tulip
* Lucifer Canna Lily
* Indian Blanket
* Sweet Tooth Candy Corn Zinnia
* Circus Rose

Dutch Carnival Dahlia

The Dutch Carnival dahlia is a brightly colored double dahlia that is primarily red, but it has yellow edges, which gives it a fiery appearance. The blooms can get as large as 6-inches in diameter, which certainly can make a statement in your garden.

These flowers are hardy in Zones 8-11, but are suitable in Zones 3-7, too. These dahlias are at home in a flower bed or a container, and they are also beautiful when used as cut flowers. Another great thing about adding the Dutch Carnival dahlia to your garden is that it attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies, and it is resistant to deer.

Uptick Gold & Bronze Coreopsis

Another option if you are looking for a fire flower for your garden is a certain type of daisy, the uptick gold & bronze coreopsis. This beautiful flower is a brightly colored yellow and it has a red eye in the center. It is resistant to mildew, it doesn’t need a lot of water, and it isn’t picky when it comes to soil.

This flower is also known as “tickseed,” thanks to its small, tiny black seed, and because it is extremely easy to care for, any gardener, from the beginner to the pro, can grow these flowers with ease.

This is a flower that loves the sun, so it can easily transform your garden into a beautiful oasis. Plus, it can be cut for bouquets, which means you will always have the supplies for summer arrangements. These plants aren’t large, either, only about a foot tall, so they are also great for containers.

The uptick gold & bronze coreopsis blooms in early summer and continues through the season, so it is a wonderful addition if you want flowers for the entire summer and into the fall.

Yellow and Red French Parrot Tulip

This is not a typical looking tulip, but it sure is stunning. The yellow and red French parrot tulip is a beautiful addition to your garden. They are hardy from Zones 4 to 7.

Keep in mind that sometimes beautiful things are very delicate, and these flowers are no exception to that rule. Because of this, the parrot tulip must be planted in a place where they are protected from windy conditions. These flowers are also pretty vulnerable to extreme cold and heat. So, it’s best to grow them near your home or in a pot, which can be moved indoors.

Though the parrot tulip requires extra care, these flowers pay you back with their beauty. They are generally about 15- 20 inches tall, and the blooms can get as large as 5-inches across.

Lucifer Canna Lily

The Lucifer canna lily is a medium-sized perennial, which grows to as tall as 4-feet in height. It has bright green leaves, which have a blue tinge, and many fiery looking flowers that are bright red in color with yellow edges. These flowers appear from summer to fall, and they require full sun. You don’t have to water them often, and they are hardy up to 0 degrees F.

Indian Blanket

Indian Blanket is an annual wildflower that grows in many places in the US. It is native to areas with dry conditions, and it loves sandy soil. These flowers look like daisies, but they are not.

The Indian Blanket is flower that appears in different shades of red and yellow, which makes them one of our favorite fire flowers. The flower blooms in late spring to fall, and it requires full sun.

You should add Indian Blanket to your garden if you are interested in a beautiful flower that attracts birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. Though these flowers are annuals, when conditions are correct, they can reseed.

Sweet Tooth Candy Corn Zinnia

This zinnia, called the Sweet Tooth Candy Corn, is a vibrant flower that blooms in bright colors of orange and yellow. This flower is drought and heat tolerant and is a great filler for containers. Additionally, it is right at home in your favorite flower bed…just make sure it gets full sun.

This flower grows up about a foot tall, and it is resistant to deer. The Sweet Tooth Candy Corn is hardy in Zones 10 – 12, and they are long lasting…blooming from the time they are planted until fall.

Circus Rose

The circus rose is a beautiful addition to your garden. It is a stunning bi-colored rose in shades of orange and yellow. This is a rose that is on the smaller side, and it doesn’t have much of a fragrance. You must plant them in an area that has full sun, and it’s best to get up to eight hours of sun a day.

This rose, like all roses, require well-draining soil, and they are very easy to care for. Most people think that roses are more difficult to grow, but this is not the case here. As long as you choose the right spot and give it a little attention, the circus rose will being a great sense of beauty to your garden.

There are many options if you are looking for a stunning fire flower to add to your garden. From the Dutch Carnival dahlia to the circus rose, there really is something for every environment and taste in this gorgeous combination of red and yellow.

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