The infamous Rose


Roses are internationally known for their beauty; they are the queen of flowers. There are songs about them, there are sayings about them, they are iconic! The rose is the queen of flowers, the one that everyone loves to give. The common flower to give a loved one for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Roses are by far one of the most iconic and beloved flowers worldwide! How much do you really know about this infamous flower though? Do you know it’s story, it’s history? Well let’s find out


Roses date back centuries, there are documents from the 5th century B.C that attest to the presence of these flowers. Even the Chinese philosopher Confucius claimed to have grown these roses in the Royal gardens of China, he was completely in love with the incomparable beauty of this flower.
The rose is seen in ancient Greek history as well, they used the oils of the flower to create a balm that had beneficial effects on its users, to them the rose was the queen of flowers. The Romans as well attributed a great amount of importance to this flower, they regarded it as the symbol of sensuality and love.



The colors of roses are significant as well, each one has a different meaning or conveys a different mood.
This information is especially important when it comes to selecting a bouquet of roses as a gift. A white rose expresses platonic love, the love between best friends, while an orange rose indicates enthusiasm and excitement in a relationship. A yellow rose is always a symbol of forgiveness, usually given when someone has done something wrong as a sign of their apology. A pink rose is a sign of admiration or often times it is a sign on shyness as well.

The number of roses is often times just as important as the colors. A single red rose says a simple sentence and clear, as if to say, “you have won my heart.” But a beautiful bouquet of red roses, over 12 shows your love and admiration for the recipient, it sends a much stronger message.  If you want to send a strong love message to a special woman in your life, the more roses the better.



Of course there is the most well-known use for roses, that of giving them as gifts in bouquets. However, there are many other fascinating uses for roses as well. The oil that is extracted from roses is often used in perfumes or cosmetic, not only does it have a calming floral scent but it also has added benefits for calming irritated skin.

Rose hips are sometimes made into jams, or marmalade as well. They are often brewed into a tea as well primarily for their high Vitamin C content. Rose water is also used as well in the making of sweets and desserts.


This beautiful iconic flower has definitely made its mark in today world, whether it be as a symbol of love or as a sweet additive to your dessert we can all agree that the beautiful rose is a well deserving flower of the month!

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