Flowers of the World: Greece

Daffodils yellow

When we think of Greece, we think of islands and mountains, mythology and olive trees. But Greece is home to a wide range of wonderful flowers; when spring arrives and they come into flower, they carpet whole mountainsides.

Greece has a wide variety of landscapes, from arid highlands to wetlands and ancient forests. The rocky, barren ground that we associate with the harsher environments is perfect for such flowers as crocuses and daffodils, their orange, red, white and yellow flowers making the countryside come alive for a few brief weeks before the heat begins. The hyacinth, with its violet and blue flowers, also flourishes in such terrain.

Greece can also boast a large number of orchids, growing in abundance on chalky ground; their natural elegance and myriad-coloured flowers make them a perfect gift if you want to send flowers to Greece.

Much of Greece is still given over to woodland and forest; the shade provided by the trees making perfect conditions for anemones, violets, tulips, peonies and primroses.


As anyone who’s ever visited any of the many Greek islands, such as Crete, Rhodes and Santorini, knows, larger flowers seem to grow in every corner and up every wall. As the seasons progress, those famous white-painted houses turn into a riot of deep dark reds and purples as the bougainvillea creeps ever upwards. Geraniums are also popular here, as across the Mediterranean, in hanging baskets or pots on windowsills.

And, this being Greece, many legends surround flowers. The beautiful red Greek windflower was created by Aphrodite from the blood of Adonis, while the iris (of which the mainland and islands are home to many varieties) was named after the Goddess of the rainbow.

But even in the larger cities, one is never far from the colours and scents of flowers. The National Gardens in Athens spread over more than 7 hectares with flowerbeds showing the best of native varieties.


If you have friends of family in Greece, whether on the mainland or on the islands, sending flowers is a great way to keep in touch. Here at FloraQueen we are proud of our network of local florists; they have all been carefully selected and can guarantee on time delivery, whatever the occasion. So, it has never been easier to send flowers to Athens or anywhere else in the country than through FloraQueen.

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