The Heather Flower: A Beautiful and Powerful Symbol

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Flowers have always been a big part of our lives, helping us in expressing our feelings, decorating our gardens and homes, or simply giving us a moment of appreciation and relaxation. Each flower has its unique meaning and history, and each color symbolizes something different. Read on for more details about:

* What the heather flower is

* The symbols of the heather flower

* What do different colors mean?

* How we can use the heather flower

 What Is the Heather Flower? 

The heather flower originates from Europe and South Asia. It is characterized by small purple, pink, or white flowers with a fantastic fragrance that grows on the mountains cliffs, or grows in a colorful field. They begin to bloom in winter and blossom also in the spring; that’s why it is also called “the queen of winter.” They’re usually found in rocky areas and on hills, growing in wild flower bushes.

The name “heather” comes from the English word “hather,” which symbolizes an open field full of beautiful flowers. Because it grows in hilly areas, the heather flower was considered to be very strong. The flower genus name, Calluna, is derived from the “kalluno” verb, which translates to “cleanse.” Related to this, it’s interesting to mention that heather flowers were used to assemble brooms.

 What Does the Heather Flower Symbolize? 

Heather flowers have several meanings, and they’re worthy of being known. A heather flower is a sign of independence and confidence, as it grows in places that are quite hard for any other flower to grow. If you want to inform someone that you think they’re independent and they can handle any hard situation, a heather floral arrangement would be a great idea as a gift.

It also is seen as a sign of good luck. It was thought that bringing a heather flower into your home or carrying one with you brings you good luck. You can also place one at your work desk. It would also be an excellent gift for someone who requires a little bit of good luck in something they want to achieve.

A heather flower is also a sign of admiration for those who are around them, which makes them an excellent gift for someone you want to express your love feelings to or to send them a message of how much you admire them and value their presence in your life.

We can definitely state that heather flowers are also a sign of beauty, as they come in different beautiful colors, so you can offer them to the women in your life to let them down they are beautiful and loving, just like the flowers.

In Scotland, they have a really powerful meaning because of a legend. There was once a woman named Malvina who was engaged to a warrior, Oscar. Unfortunately, Oscar was killed in a battle, and a messenger delivered Malvina this message along with heather flowers that were a token of love. Malvina wished that whoever received heather flowers have happiness and good luck, that’s why people in Scotland consider heather flowers as a sign of protection. They only use white heather flowers, as they’re a sign of purity, innocence, happiness, and even perfection.

We all know that each color has a different symbol, and they influence the overall meaning of a flower. The color of a flower changes the symbol of it, and we should be careful about each one and offer them on appropriate occasions.

The colors of the heather flowers also play a big part in their symbolism, so we should pay attention to what each color means to avoid passing the wrong message.

 What Do Different Colors Mean?

They can be purple, and the purple heather flowers symbolize admiration and beauty. They can be an ideal gift for telling someone how beautiful and essential they are to you and how much respect and admiration you have for them.

A pink heather flower is a symbol of femininity, love, passion, so you can easily use it to express your love feelings towards the beautiful, loved woman in your life. A pink bouquet of heather flowers can show your love and can tell a person how much you want them to be part of your life.

The white heather flower symbolizes good luck, protection, and purity. It can be both used in home decors for attracting good luck and positive energy into your home and in wedding floral arrangements, as it symbolizes purity and innocence. There was a legend that said that wherever you see heather flowers blossoming, there are also fairies leaving nearby it.

Some people also relate heather flowers to good luck and fortune and choose to carry them at all times like a lucky charm.

In ancient times, the red and pink heather flowers were related to blood. That’s why they were considered as a sign of bad luck and people avoided to take them into their homes or offer them as a gift.

 What Can We Use Heather Flowers For? 

The healing properties of heather flowers are being used even today as an alternative medicine for digestive problems and urinary problems. Even in the 17th century, people used heather flowers to treat their ailments. With the help of the flowers and leaves of the heather flowers, people treated all types of sores, internal and external. Even kidney stones could be dissolved with the help of heather flower tea.

The Celts and Druids found out that this amazing plant is very useful for the human body, cleansing it when digested. That’s why they used to it to break the blockages. They saw it as a very powerful flower and considered it symbolic of romance and attraction due to its amazing fragrance.

After looking at the properties and symbols of this amazing flower, we can definitely agree that it’s one of the most underrated plants out there, and we should try to bring it to the center of attention more often.

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