What are the Most Popular Flowers? We Have the Answer

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Flowers are undeniably one of the most perfect creations of nature. The human being has a very good and unique relationship through history with nature and especially with flowers. They accompanied him during special and happy occasions, such as weddings or celebrations, but also in the saddest ones such as funerals or visits at the hospital.

Because of their importance, we choose to give them a special and global meaning within the language of flowers. This way, when you offer a composition of flowers, your receiver can understand exactly what you were meaning through this beautiful gesture of caring and support. To be able to communicate through flowers, you should know some basics meanings, especially about the most famous flowers throughout the world.

In this article, you are going to learn new pieces of information about the most popular flowers by following the next points:

* The flower queen: roses

* Because every queen needs her king, here is the lily

* The rainbow iris * Beautiful carnations with many meanings

* The gladiator’s flower – gladiolus

The Flower Queen: Roses

The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians of Antiquity had known the rose for a long time, and so do you! This is the best seller of all time of flowers, and it has been used in so many compositions and arrangements. Because its leaves have the shape of hearts, they are often associated with love. Its thorns remind us that every beautiful feeling is hard to get.

Red roses are the most popular ones to express love, but there is a wide range of colors available. You can find this beautiful and meaningful flower in white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and even green, in two-colors or even multi-colors. You can also find them in large or small sizes or with a long or short stem. The choice is vast, and each year brings new varieties.

Roses express respect, authentic love, purity, dignity, happiness, gratitude, and purity, but also, desire, esteem, and sympathy.

Because Every Queen Needs her King, Here is the Lily

With its majestic flowers, the lily is the king of flowers. It has always aroused admiration and was often associated with Greek goddesses, the Virgin Mary, or even the Kings of France. The lily is highly appreciated in the gardens. The richness of its colors with its sweet scent makes it a perfect flower for bouquets and floral arrangements.

Because of its religious connotation, the white lily is often used as the emblem of innocence and pure love. However, white lilies also possess a royal past that makes them the perfect symbol of the nobility of feelings. When they are red, they proclaim passion. The rose lily expresses affection and tenderness, the yellow ones mean friendship and enthusiasm, and the orange means desire. Lilies add a lot of elegance to every message you send through them. It is the best tool to please and naturally takes place in the floral composition.

The Rainbow Iris

For the Egyptians of Antiquity, the iris flower was considered a symbol of majesty and strength. For Greeks, the iris was the messenger of the gods to bring good news. As a reward for its faithful services, iris was changed into a rainbow, as a symbol of the return of good weather.

The iris is a symbol of love and trust. Because of that, offering irises strengthen your message of a good loving relationship and bring hopes for good news coming. When you offer those beauties, you mean by that: “I love you with confidence.” The blue iris says: “I love you tenderly,” while the yellow one expresses happy love. A red-brown can symbolize ardent love. The pink iris, delivers a message of tenderness. Sadly, irises tend to fade quickly and can damage your furniture, so be aware to move it fast if it starts to fade.

Beautiful Carnations with many Meanings

Carnation, also called dianthus, is a flowering plant that comes in several perennial species, either annual or bi-annual. It exists in various beautiful shapes and colors, a real must-have for your garden.

The red carnation entered European traditions in the 20th century as a symbol for the working day, 1 May. The pink carnation is linked to Christianity. Legend has it that at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, Mary cried, and her tears turned into pink flowers on the ground. This is why a pink carnation represents the pure love of a mother. Mauve is the symbol of fantasy par excellence and purple reflects a capricious mood. If you offer a multicolored bouquet of carnations, that means you are thinking about a request made by the receiver. Yellow means you want to leave the person.

The Gladiators Flower – Gladiolus

Gladiolus represents the gladiator’s flower. It has long been associated with swords. This majestic flower composes beautiful flower arrangements for special celebrations. You can find it in many country gardens.

Nowadays, the gladiolus is simply a symbol of honor and remembrance. For this reason, it is often seen in funeral wreaths. To give it a special meaning, you can send a special message to the recipient based principally on its colors. You can choose red for love and passion,rose for femininity, compassion, and motherly love, white, to express innocence and purity, or yellow for cheerfulness and compassion.

To be able to buy the right suited flowers to express your feelings, you need basic knowledge. After reading these few lines, you are now able to choose the right scented flower and arrange them in personalized bouquets to make sure to surprise people you are close to.

Florists all over the world are passionate about their work, the choice of the composition, and concerned about creating the best fresh bouquet to express all your feelings. They just wait for you to choose the right composition of colors and flowers that you judge more suited to your situation and your message. Roses, lilies, iris, carnations, and gladiolas have no longer any secret for you.

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