A Guide to the Beautiful Rose Flower

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Roses are the most popular flower in the world. Roses can be used in just about any floral arrangement to add elegance, class, and beauty. Most people associate roses with romance, especially the red rose. However, roses can be used to send a variety of messages through different colors and arrangements. Roses are available in whites, reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, or in combinations of these colors. Some varieties of rose have huge flowers, while others are smaller with tighter petals. There is a perfect rose for every person, no matter who you are buying for.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

* Meanings through color

* Meaning through quantity

* Roses in the garden

Meanings Through Color

It is mostly common knowledge that roses represent love and passion. Roses are forever being given on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. In addition, roses are also used to apologize. The best way to send a clear message is through the color of the flower. Each color of the rose represents a different feeling, emotion, or message. Here is an excellent description of each color and what it symbolizes.

Red – The most popular of all the colors, red represents love and romance. They are an excellent gift for a partner, whether given out of surprise or for a specific occasion.

Yellow – Yellow roses are vibrant in color and traditionally given to symbolize friendship. Yellow roses make great gifts when celebrating a milestone in a friends’ life.

White – White roses represent purity and innocence, so they are often used to celebrate births. They are also popular for funeral flowers. The symbolism of purity is appropriate for celebrating a soul moving on from the mortal world.

Pink – Pink roses represent grace, gratitude, and joy. Giving pink roses is a great way to say thank you or express joy in someone’s life event.

Orange – Perhaps the most fun of all the colors, orange roses, means passion and enthusiasm. Send orange roses to someone who is embarking on a new career or to say bon voyage.

Meaning Through Quantity

Interestingly, the quantity of roses is a bouquet or arrangement is also significant to meanings. This is a unique characteristic of the giving of roses. The beauty of this is that it makes rose giving more accessible. Flowers make a wonderful gift but can be cost-prohibitive if money is tight. Use this guide of quantity to help send your message clearly.

One Rose – Sending a single rose is hugely romantic. It means love at first sight. Be careful of who you give this to though, as you don’t want to come on too strong.

Two Roses – The two roses represent a pair that share a deep love for each other. Three Roses – The gift of three roses represent the three words a person loves to hear ‘I love you.

Six Roses – Six roses is a great way to send the message of commitment to another person because it means ‘I want to be yours.

Seven Roses – Be careful of who you send seven roses to. This means ‘I’m infatuated with you.’ While this may be a lovely message to someone, it can also be interpreted as aggressive.

Nine Roses – Though not commonly given, nine roses send the message of eternal love. Giving nine roses is actually very romantic.

Ten Roses- If you want to tell someone ‘You’re perfect,’ then send them ten roses.

Twelve Roses – Giving someone a dozen roses is thought of as the most romantic gesture. A dozen roses, specifically red roses, symbolizes true love.

Other Rose Meanings

Roses appear throughout history to mean more than love and romance. A less common but intriguing meaning of the rose is secrecy and confidentiality. This symbolism lies a little deeper in history and is rarely used today. There is a term ‘sub rosa’ which means under the roses, and it originates from ancient times. Romans used to hang roses from the ceilings in banquet halls. Wine flowed freely during gatherings under the roses, and it was understood that anything said would remain confidential. There were similar gatherings in the Middle Ages where roses were hung from the ceiling during meetings. Everyone who gathered in that room was sworn to secrecy.

If you are interested in tarot cards, you may see roses come up here. Depending on the card that is pulled, roses represent transparency, purity, wisdom, or clarity.

Roses in the Garden

The beauty and meaning of a rose are not limited to cut flowers. Roses make an excellent garden plant and can be used as symbolism in your landscape. Just like the cut flower, garden roses come in a variety of shapes and colors. For example, if you like the idea of a shower of roses, then a climbing rose may be right for you. This type can grow over 10′ tall. They easily climb lattices, trellises, and even grow over arbors. They are also able to climb the sizes of houses. Climbing roses are an impressive display in any yard.

Maybe you are the type of person who finds anything miniature attractive. Good news – there is a rose for you. These are the tea rose variety. Tea roses are excellent border plants because they do not grow very high. They are miniature bushes that produce miniature flowers. The blooms are available in a wide variety of colors. Tea roses are often sold in small containers and can be treated as indoor plants. These make great hostess and housewarming gifts. Be sure to choose a rose in the appropriate color so you can really send a heartfelt message.

More commonly, roses are grown in round bushes. These bushes grow between 4′ and 5′ tall. They are quite fragrant and add beautiful color to the garden. Roses can be planted just about anywhere, so long as they receive a fair amount of sun. They also attract honeybees to a garden, which makes them great for helping other plants flower proficiently. Some people recommend planting roses under windows or near doors. The thorns on a rose are quite painful and can act as a security feature to protect the home from intruders.

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