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Do you ever walk by a floral shop and see the many roses and wonder what they represent or mean? When it comes to the rose, there is not just one type of rose, but instead, there is an array of different kinds of roses. From colors to the actual type of rose, we share insight on the many roses you can pick from to build the perfect rose garden. It is no surprise that the rose is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world due to its elegant appearance and unique fragrant scent.

In this post we are going to cover:

  • The different types of roses
  • What the different colors mean
  • Why give someone a rose?

The Different Types of Roses

There are certain traits and characteristics that separate one rose from another specific kind of rose. Here are a few of the most common roses that one can find in a rose garden, but also that would make a magnificent floral bouquet.

Rosa Bonica – This pink rose is one flower that blooms up to three inches across the bud. It can grow up to a height of five feet and faces towards the sun. The rosa bonica is one that is ideal in cooler climates.

Teasing Georgia – The Teasing Georgia is considered a hybrid rose that emits a fragrant and robust scent. It can grow up to five feet, and it is predominately found in warmer climates. This particular rose varies between a subtle yellow and apricot hue.

Easy Does It – While most rose flowers have a fragrant scent to them, this particular rose has a fruity scent. This specific rose features ruffled petals and can come in hues of orange, pink, and apricot.

Rainbow Knockout – Unless you are familiar with roses overall, you would never know upon seeing the Rainbow Knockout that this flower is part of the rose family. They are coral in color and have a yellow center with dark and glossy leaves. This rose shrub can grow up to four feet.

Julia Child – This rose pays homage to the great chef, Julia Child, for its butter gold color. This rose features leaves that shine and emits a sweet licorice perfume.

Mardi Gras – What comes to mind when you think of Mardi Gras? Bright and celebratory colors – which makes sense that this is the name of this specific rose. The rose bud features yellow, pink, and orange. At full bloom, it spans almost three inches and has a peppery scent.

What the Different Colors Mean

Looking to give someone a dozen roses? Not sure what color of roses to buy? We list a few of the most popular rose colors that one can find at a floral shop.


Red is the most common color of rose that people typically purchase but also to give as a gift. When one sees and thinks of a red rose, they immediately think of love, passion, and desire. What better way to show someone you love than with a dozen red roses. Every year during Valentine’s Day, slews of lovers and partners flock to their local florists to buy a red rose.

Regardless of the Day, Valentine’s Day or not, what better way to express and show your feelings towards that special someone in your life.


Pink roses are bright and beautiful and have a subtle and somewhat underrated beauty to them. If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, or if you’re going to show them appreciation, the pink rose would be an ideal choice. Unlike its bolder counterpart, the red rose, a pink rose, is commonly given to friends and close acquaintances. The pink rose is widely perceived as symbolizing appreciation and admiration. Whoever that particular person is that you think deserves a pink bouquet, you can expect them to enjoy the thoughtful and considerate surprise.


Subtle and beautiful, the white rose is a versatile flower. This color of a rose can be used during a wedding, birthday, or funeral. It can convey appreciation, tranquility, as well as innocence. The white rose is typically given to someone that we want to convey peace and harmony towards. A white rose is also a great choice of flower to tell someone you are thinking of them.


Breathe a bit of life into someone’s life with a yellow floral arrangement. Due to their bright color, a yellow rose is often associated with positivity, happiness, and joy. If you know someone who is recovering, sick, or needing a pick me up, giving them yellow roses is sure to bring some warmth into their life. If you know someone who is having a bad day or if they are struggling with what’s going on in their life, send them some yellow roses, and see how much they can change their mood.

Why Give Someone a Rose?

If you are looking to show and express your feelings, why not do it through roses? Regardless of the occasion, budget, or person, there is a rose to suit your needs. What better way to celebrate a life or birthday than with a bouquet of yellow roses. Looking to show your sympathy for someone who has lost a friend or family member? White roses can let them know you are there to give moral and emotional support.

The rose is a genuinely versatile flower that can evoke many emotions, not to mention you can find roses at any floral shop. Still, needing some advice on what flowers or roses to get? Consider the color and the reason you want to give roses, answering these two simple questions can help direct you into the right path of what kind of rose to get. Whether you are looking to plant an English garden or if you are looking to create a shrub of roses, each type and color of rose has a special meaning. It is because of this, you want to ensure you give the right one. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently offend or mislead someone into thinking that you love them romantically rather than as a friend.

Whatever your floral needs, remember that it is the thought that matters and the fact that you took time to surprise and shower your recipient with roses.

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