Flowers of the World: Australia

Australian Flowers - Shady Lady Crimson

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A country as large as Australia enjoys many climates from one coast to the other, and consequently has a rich, thriving flora, with some native, tropical or traditional flowers displaying sumptuous blossoms and lush foliage.

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For the most part, the local wildflowers of Australia are unlike any the world has ever seen, with strikingly colourful and fragrant blossoms. The charming sunshine-yellow flowers, for instance, are seen as a symbol of Australian culture. These blossoms belong to the Golden Wattle Tree, and they have been the national flower of Australia since 1988.

Other traditional flowers are extremely important to the particular Australian states in which they grow. The splendid crimson Waratah, the graceful Royal Bluebell, the delicate pastel Sturt’s Desert Rose, and the magnificent Cooktown Orchid are treasured symbols of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and Queensland, respectively. South Australia holds Sturt’s Desert Pea dear, as its common name honours the explorer Captain Charles N. Sturt. The satellite island of Tasmania claims the Tasmanian Blue Gum as its state symbol. This eucalyptus tree’s flowers are not the dark blue colour of Tasmania’s flag, but its leaves, on the other hand, display a blue-grey tint.

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So, if you’d like to send flowers to Sydney, your loved ones are bound to love delicate yellow blossoms. Yellow lilies, roses and gerberas are a sure bet, if you’re looking to send flowers to Sydney.

Australia is also home to a great variety of native plants, given the torrid, humid climate of most areas. The Lemon Nerifolia, with its dramatic contrast of colours, the King Protea with its ravishing display of colour transitions from pale pink to fiery red, the towering scarlet Frosted Fire Protea, and the dainty white Eriostemon Australasius are just some of the beloved flowers this land has been blessed with. The Pink Ice, Orientale, Mardi Gras, Moonlight and Repens are types of protea that are also treasured native plants whose flowers produce astonishing vibrant hues in all the colours of the rainbow.

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Australians enjoy gardening and are passionate about their plants. Each one more sweet-scented and colourful than the other, their flowers are a spectacle of pastel to vivid colours from early spring to late autumn. Camellias, Azaleas, Anemones, Anthuriums, Begonias, Campanulas, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Geraniums, Irises, Peonies, Petunias, Primulas, Pansies, and Poppies are cultivated here, as anywhere else. Singular varieties and common flower types are cared for and treasured alike, and love of flora is something instilled within the mindset and the identity of every Australian. Therefore, fresh, fragrant flowers such as those stocked by FloraQueen, would make a cherished gift, if you’d like to send flowers to Australia.

Most Australian gardens are bedecked with Roses, Gerberas and Lilies just as sumptuous as those you’d find at FloraQueen. Orchids, Bromeliads, and Anthuriums adorn all stately Australian homes, and enhance the generous space, the furniture and the fittings. If you’d like to send flower bouquets to Australia, and prefer a florist which offers a hassle-free, prompt and reliable service, look no further than FloraQueen. They’ll have your gorgeous flowers delivered to any state within Australia in a flash, so count on them when you’re looking to send flowers to Australia.

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