Celebrate Serendipity With Our Bouquet of the Month

celebrate serendipity

This January we want to celebrate Serendipity with our bouquet of the month and we mean that quite literally. Our beautiful pink and white arrangement of callas, carnations, chrysanthemums and anastasia pink is named Serendipity and it’s captured our hearts this month with its lively yet serene design. Let’s get to know it a little better.

Serendipity bouquet floraqueen white and pink flowers

What this bouquet signifies:

Serendipity is the feeling you get when something happens at the moment it’s supposed to. Where the right thing happens at the right time or the right person comes into your life at the moment they are supposed to. This bouquet echoes that sentiment as it can be used to communicate the right message at the perfect moment.

What flowers are in this bouquet?


Carnations are the birth flower for January and carry a lot of special significance. They capture an air of the heavenly force that is so often associated with the feeling of serendipity.

White Chrysanthemums

The white chrysanthemums of this arrangement carry with them serenity and a truly sincere message of love. They are perfect for this selection as they are known to communicate luck. This makes them the perfect companions to express the joy you feel to have had the fortune to meet your special someone.

Closeup of serendipity bouquet callas, chrysanthemums

Calla lilies

White calla lilies add grace and beauty to this arrangement with their cone-like shape. They, like many other white flowers, communicate inspiration, just like how fate inspired your meeting.

Serendipity bouquet on table

Anastasia pink

Anastasia, like most pink flowers, transmits a feeling of joy and gratitude to your loved one. They are additionally also Chrysanthemums but they stand a little apart from other varieties with their expressive pompom petals.

FloraQueen serendipity bouquet closeup

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

There are a lot of ways you can send someone a surprise with Serendipity. It’s an ideal bouquet to give as a romantic surprise to someone who appeared in your life at just the right moment. This is the perfect floral arrangement to celebrate life in all its forms, from love to birthday wishes.

serendipity bouquet on table with cake

Celebrate serendipity yourself with our bouquet of the month. Share it today and save 10% on your purchase. We can deliver in over 100 countries whenever you want to share the right gift at the right time.

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