Purple Roses vs. Lavender Roses: History and Meaning

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When it comes to flowers, roses are the primary choice. They are a favorite among many because they come in a variety of colors, smell fragrant, and look beautiful in bouquets. While we could talk about many colors, we chose to speak of purple and lavender roses today.

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The History of Lavender Roses

We are going to start by talking about lavender roses. They are one of the most visually appealing and rarest of colors. You are going to notice the eye-catching shade of this light purple flower, which makes it highly popular for many occasions. Plus, those who like purple or lavender are going to enjoy it any day of the week. Sending a bouquet of lavender roses is going to make a lasting impression on the recipient.

Lavender roses have had a long, captivating, and alluring history. Currently, there are multiple varieties in cultivation now. These range from the modern rose hybrids to the Old Garden varieties. Primarily, it’s stood apart from the rest as an engaging and remarkable type. The species does include large, single bloom flowers and mini rose bushes. However, the long-stemmed variation is one of the most popular to send as part of a floral arrangement. It is this type that has the most significance symbolically, too. Multiple time-honored meanings are associated with lavender roses. Few other flowers and colors can match the beauty and fascination of these roses.

The Meaning of the Lavender Rose

As with all other colors, lavender roses have special meanings attached to them. They’ve evolved throughout the years and their existence. Often, the lavender rose is a sign of love at first sight or enchantment. Those who have been caught by the feelings of adoration and love can use the lavender rose to express their intentions of romance. While a bolder purple color might symbolize royalty, the softer hue of lavender suggests splendor and an air of regal majesty.

You may also find that the lavender rose shares some symbolism with the blue rose, which is a fable. Since blue roses don’t naturally occur, they usually represent unattainability and mystery. Many people hope to find a natural blue rose, which ignites the passion and imagination of many. While the quest to find a blue rose in nature continues, some of that flower’s meanings have also become tied to the lavender rose. Therefore, this color of rose might also represent impossibility and wonder, with a touch of whimsy and magic.

If you want to express a sincere appreciation and love for someone, you may want to consider the lavender rose because its appeal is undeniable. They are an ideal choice for people who wish to make an impact and showcase an extraordinary and unique flower. With so much symbolism, you can use lavender roses to convey a meaningful and deep message.

History of the Purple Rose

Now that we know more about the lavender rose, we should discuss the purple rose. While they are similar, they are still quite different. Of course, it is hard to separate the meaning of the color from its history. The purple rose has been around for a very long time. In fact, back when kingdoms were everywhere, they were planted to make the environment more regal and elegant.

However, you may be surprised to know that the color purple wasn’t always ‘purple.’ In the past, dark red roses were sometimes called purple, and lavender, which has been around for many centuries, used to be called purple. It seems that any variation of the purple color is considered the same, even when it isn’t.

In a sense, though, purple roses have been around since the 1800s. They are the product of hybridists, who wanted to create new plant varieties to satisfy those leading a luxurious and wealthy lifestyle. What happened was people decided to cross-breed the European rose with some types found in China. Since the rose already had natural pigments of orange, yellow, red, and pink, the purple color was born.

Because it was so well-received, other purple shades came to be. These include lavender, plum, and lilac. Plus, when people tried to make the blue rose, different purple varieties were born. Since roses lack delphinidin, a pigment that makes the blue color, it was inserted into the rose gene. However, it primarily reacts with the warm pigments, which turns it purple instead of blue.

Meaning of the Purple Rose

To really understand the purple rose and its meanings, you have to look at many cultures. Of course, the most popular message still relates to regality and wealth, just as it did in the past. However, now purple can also represent glory. Many nation’s flags carry a bit of purple in them to show that they have been glorious or victorious.

The rose has always been a flower of romance and love. When you pair the flower with the purple color, it almost seems to deepen the meaning. Then, you can use the purple rose to express your feelings toward someone else. While red is often used to convey passion, love, and romance, the purple color can add a touch of whimsy and thrill to it. When you pair this with the other meaning of glory, you can easily see that you’re showing someone that you love them, want to experience life with them, and enjoy them immensely.


We think it is important to learn as much as you can about roses. That is why we chose to talk about the purple and lavender varieties. You may have always been impressed with the majestic, bold color of purple and the light, airiness of lavender, but now you know how they came to be and what they symbolize. Now, you can decide when the situation calls for the symbolism of the lavender or purple rose to show others you care and express a particular message to them.

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