Blue Rose Meaning: Learning More About it

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Blue roses are not a naturally occurring flower, and their blue color is typically achieved through dyeing or genetic modification. While blue roses have long been sought after by horticulturalists and breeders, the task of producing a true blue rose has proven difficult due to the absence of certain naturally occurring pigments. Some blue roses have been created through genetic modification that allows the plant to produce a blue pigment, but these are not widely available. Other methods of achieving blue roses involve dyeing or painting white roses with blue pigment or growing white roses in a blue-tinted environment to achieve a blue appearance. Due to their rarity and unique appearance, blue roses are often associated with mystery, unattainability, and the impossible.

Roses are one of the most iconic flowers in the world. They appear in art, literature, and cultural traditions. As one of the more popular flowers, roses have a greater demand to feature different colors. Red, pink, and white are some of the colors in that roses naturally grow. Blue roses, however, are not naturally grown and therefore must be specially dyed or hybridized in order to produce their rich color. The blue rose’s mysterious and unnatural color allows for different symbolizations and myths to be associated with it. So, because the blue rose is one of the rarer flowers in existence, its stories and symbolism are very interesting.

To learn more about the mystical blue rose, keep reading. The following points are presented in this article:

* The symbolism of blue roses
* The history of blue roses
* Myths about blue roses
* Events and occasions that are perfect for blue roses
* Reasons to purchase blue roses

The Symbolism of Blue Roses

Blue roses are associated with different meanings. Roses in general are most linked to love and romance. But, as with most other species of flowers, the different colors symbolize different things. For blue roses, the symbolism can be determined based on the shade of blue that is presented.

As the general rose is associated with love, the blue rose can be commonly associated with unrequited love or true love. Possibly, true love that sadly only goes one way.

Blue roses with a lighter hue symbolize sensitivity and feelings. Although, they do not represent romantic feelings. Instead, they represent emotions that have to do with peace and hope.

While light blue roses have one meaning, dark blue roses offer another. Because of its mystical appearance, dark blue is reflective of mystery and imagination. They also represent dreams and thoughtfulness.

Overall, blue roses offer unique symbolisms that differ from typical flowers. This uncommon flower is great to show creativity and thoughtfulness while offering a mysterious quality that draws lots of attention. In fact, the deep blue color has been proven to help attention spans.

The History of Blue Roses

Blue roses are not found in nature which only amplifies their mysterious quality. They were first recorded in the 12th century. However, many people believe that this observation is inaccurate and that the flower was mistaken for a different, naturally occurring flower.

While many believed that blue roses would never come to exist, a group of scientists in Japan was able to successfully develop blue roses. The project began in 1990 with biotechnology that was created in the 1980s. In 2004, the research project announced its success in creating blue roses.

The scientists that worked on the project used white roses as a base for creating the blue color. They bred them with other flowers that contained specific pigments and genes that other roses lacked. With their work, we can now buy beautiful blue roses.

Myths About Blue Roses

Being one of the rarer and more mysterious flowers in existence, there are a few myths that surround blue roses.

One of the more popular myths comes from Chinese legend. It is said that the daughter of the Emperor was looking for a man to marry. Her father gave her only one requirement for her suitor: that he presents her with a blue rose. But because blue roses do not naturally exist, many potential suitors were discouraged.

There were three men who tried to present her with a blue rose. One was painted a white rose blue. But at the time he presented it to the Emperor’s daughter, the paint dripped off. Another carved a sapphire into the shape of a rose, but the daughter did not accept. The third man sought the assistance of a wizard. He gave the suitor a box that looked as if it contained a blue rose. When the daughter of the Emperor reached for the rose, her hand passed through the box.

The Emperor’s daughter was in love with the gardener’s son. When she told him this, he agreed to make sure they be married. He presented her with a simple white rose. The Emperor’s daughter declared that it was a blue rose. In the end, the Emperor said that if his daughter says it is a blue rose, then it is a blue rose. The two then were able to be married and lived happily together.

Besides this myth, blue roses are also mentioned in other various tales. For example, they are featured in the story “Sadko,” which is by Rimsky Korsakov. In Arabian Nights, it is said that magicians turned roses into blue roses.

Overall, the blue rose myths add more mysteriousness to the flower’s already mesmerizing aura.

Events and Occasions That Are Perfect for Blue Roses

As was mentioned, blue roses offer a mysterious and creative appearance. They are not very common, so they make great gifts for special people in our lives to acknowledge and appreciate their individuality.

Because blue roses also represent true love or unrequited love, they are great for love interests and to show someone affection and appreciation.

Some specific examples of occasions with blue roses are for birthdays, graduations, and for simply showing someone that you care about them. They are also great for events that are involved the arts. Therefore, blue roses are great gifts for a performer, writer, musician, or artist upon the release or presentation of their work.

Reasons to Purchase Blue Roses

There are so many reasons to purchase lovely blue roses. Their color alone has a magnetic power that draws viewers to keep looking. Their unique color is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reasons to purchase them.

Overall, purchasing flowers is a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them. Although it is simple, gifting flowers shows a lot of care and attention toward the recipient. Plus, blue roses are so unique that almost anyone can appreciate their enchanting look.

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