Black Flowers, a Symbol of Mystery and Uniqueness

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For those who seek uniqueness and unusual beauty, a good option would be an arrangement with black flowers. Black is not a usual color for a flower; that’s why it’s full of mystery and power. Unlike the common belief that black means negative, black flowers symbolize rebirth. In this article, the main topics include the types of black flowers, what color each one has, and the symbol behind each one of them.


* Is a black flower actually black?

* What types of black flowers do we find?

Is a Black Flower Actually Black? 

In fact, there aren’t truly black flowers that grow in nature. Those flowers that have a dark color are a result of thorough breeding and cultivating. Scientists say that the black color occurs due to increasing the number of anthocyanins, which are natural chemicals, and these pigments can be red, blue, or purple. For example, alcea rosea “nigra” contains nine different anthocyanins that give it a black appearance. The black velvet petunia’s beautiful dark color was made in four years, and if you look closely, it is actually not black, but a dark purple. Even so, flower breeders have done a great job in combining the right colors so we could enjoy these beautiful dark-colored flowers.

 What Types of Black Flowers Do We Find? 

One of the most beautiful and common flowers is the “Queen of the Night” tulip. It has an intense purple shade that looks very classy and unique, perfect for growing in the garden or floral arrangements. These beautiful flowers do not require exceptional attention and are easy to maintain.

The calla lily is a trumpet-shaped flower that has a very, very dark purple shade that looks almost black in some light. It is also called “The Black Star,” and its name comes from the Greek word for “beautiful.” It symbolizes rebirth, so it’s an excellent gift for someone recovering from an illness.

The black baccara rose has a beautiful deep purple-red shade. This flower can be considered as one of the most popular flowers. They feature green-red foliage, and the blooms look darker in colder weather. This flower provides a romantic vibe, so it’s ideal for expressing your feelings of love. They’re very long-lasting, so they’re suitable for pretty much any romantic floral arrangement, as it adds a touch of a dramatic look.

The bat orchid (tacca chantrieri) is not for anyone, as they have a spooky vibe. They’re bat-shaped and do not look like the usual flower. It can be used alone in an attractive floral arrangement for a unique person that loves unusual gifts. It is also called “The Devil’s Flower.” Some believe it has anti-cancer properties.

The hellebore is usually pink or white, but it can also have a rare form of deep purple. The thing that adds to its uniqueness is the fact that this mysterious flower is also poisonous!

The black hollyhock is deep purple with a little bit of red that adds to its beauty and uniqueness. It fits amazingly to a winter wedding floral bouquet due to its luxurious appearance. It has an intense purple shade and is, in fact, toxic! In addition, the hollyhock ‘nigra’ has unique chocolaty petals with a black center that give a fantastic touch to your flower bed.

The pansy is one of the most common flowers that we can grow in a garden, and it comes in a special unique black color! It has a deep velvety, purple color that can give an amazing, novelty touch to any flowerbed.

The black dahlia is a very mysterious flower that looks black, but actually has a very dark shade of red. Los Angeles’ most known murder case has gotten its name from this flower. That deep shade of red is due to a high quantity of anthocyanins. There are two types of dahlias that are considered black:

*The ‘Arabian night,’ a beautiful dark red and black flower, makes any floral arrangement a masterpiece.

*The ‘chat noir’ features a dark burgundy color on its petals and looks impressive, being in the center of a unique and exclusive floral arrangement.

The black widow flower, also called a mourning widow, comes from Western, Central, and Southern Europe. The dark violet flowers have an unusual feature; the petals are turned backward and pointed.

The black hyacinth is a rare type of flower with heavily-scented petals. These have a beautiful shade of coal-black petals that go amazing with pink or white flowers in a beautiful and unique flower arrangement. The ‘dark dimension’ black hyacinth is almost black and offers a dramatic vibe to a garden, along with other contrasting flowers.

The chocolate cosmos is native to Mexico and has a beautiful dark red shade. Unfortunately, they are being declared extinct. They provide an amazing fragrance when bloomed. Since they don’t have seeds, they don’t self-reproduce. It has beautiful deep-brown chocolaty petals.

The penny black nemophila has a dark purple color with white edges that offer a beautiful contrast appearance. Its beautiful flowers appear shiny purple in contrast to the white edging, making them an excellent choice for a unique bouquet.

The beautifully fragranced iris is also called “before the storm.” They absolutely love sunlight and well-drained soil, so it is recommended to keep them outdoors.

In conclusion, adding these amazing and unique black flowers to a floral arrangement is an excellent way of giving them a mysterious touch. If you’re new with them, it is recommended to start small by using them at first as accents. Black flowers definitely offer a sense of luxury and glamour that can’t be obtained with any other colors. They’re dramatic, intense, and can build a fantastic bouquet for anyone who looks for something unique and unusual. They might not be entirely black, but they have dark shades of purple, red, even brown.

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