Understanding the Beautiful Calla Lily Meaning

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Calla lilies are one of the most elegant flowers to include in any bouquet. Callas are trumpet-shaped flowers that are most often white in color. Unbeknownst to many, Callas actually come in several different colors and shades. Their beauty makes them an incredibly versatile flower that can be used in just about any bouquet. No matter the occasion, a calla lily can be used to send your message appropriately.

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Calla Lilies in History

Calla lilies, like many other flowers, come from legends of ancient times. Their origin stories are somewhat debated in that they appear more than once throughout history. Interestingly though, most stories point to the idea that the calla means beauty and purity.

One story begins with Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, and desire. One day, Venus came across a patch of lilies. She was drawn in by their beauty but then quickly became jealous of it. She decided she must put a curse on the flower, so placed a yellow pistil in the center of the flower. Interestingly, the pistil adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the flower today. Though this story represents the beauty of the calla, some say it actually represents lust and sensuality.

Another story says the calla was named for the Greek word meaning beautiful. This word happens to be calla. The legend of the calla lily is very similar to that of other lilies. It begins with Hera, the Greek goddess. In this story, she refused to give her milk to her husband, Zeus’ son Hercules because Hercules was born to another woman. Zeus tried to force her to feed Hercules in the cover of night while Hera slept. To Zeus’ surprise, Hera woke with a start and pushed him away. As she startled, droplets of milk flew to the sky and became the milky way. The milk that dropped to the earth became calla lilies.

Finally, calla lilies are said to symbolize resurrection and rebirth. This story is tied to faith, and Callas are therefore often displayed in portrayals of the Virgin Mary. Callas pop their flowers near Easter and are consequently associated with Jesus and his resurrection. In this story, Callas is said to mean purity, faithfulness, and holiness. It is this reason Callas are often used as funeral flowers.

Calla Lily Meaning Through Color

Many flowers have standard meanings. This is true for Callas, as well. Despite the many origin stories, they are overall said to represent beauty and purity. Interestingly, the symbolism of Callas can change with the color of the bloom. If you want to send an unmistakable message with flowers, choose the most appropriate color for the recipient to truly get the message.

White Callas lilies, the most common and traditional, symbolize innocence and purity. It is because of this that white Callas are often used for funerals and weddings. When used for funerals, they help to allow the soul to regain its innocence and purity to move on to its next stage. When used in a wedding, innocence and purity are said to be associated with a couple’s love. Their affection for each other is genuine and pure, and that is reflected in their bouquet choice. As an added bonus, Callas is quite elegant, which makes them entirely appropriate for a classy wedding.

Purple calla lilies are said to symbolize both passion and charm. With meanings like this, purple Callas are quite flexible in terms of their potential uses. Consider using a purple calla in a boutonniere at a wedding. Here, the flower can represent the passion you feel for your intended. Also, consider peppering them into a bridal bouquet. This way, you and your spouse can have corresponding flower elements that represent a deeper meaning.

Yellow calla lilies are quite striking in their appearance. Yellow Callas are said to symbolize gratitude. Gratitude is one of the best reasons to give a person flowers. Showing someone a token of your esteem can be told with a bouquet full of yellow Callas. If you are looking to be more cost-effective, try giving just a few Callas in a pretty vase. Or, if you want something more substantial, try pairing a few Callas with several other blooms that complement their color and style.

Pink Callas are another popular variety. When used to send a message, pink Callas are said to represent appreciation and admiration. Pink Callas can be used for a couple of different types of bouquets due to their meaning. For example, they make great gifts for teachers to show your appreciation for all their hard work during the school year. Pink Callas also make exceptional bouquets to show admiration at the beginning of a new relationship. They can tell a person how you feel without coming on too strong. In this case, try giving three or four Callas arranged in a small bouquet.

Calla lilies are a magnificent flower that creates a spectacle in any arrangement. This flower is considered multi-faceted because it can be included in a variety of bouquets. If you love the calla, it is entirely acceptable to create an entire arrangement made up of only Callas. This can be expensive, so if the cost is a factor, this may not be right for you. However, it does not mean that you can’t use calla lilies at all. Consider using just a few of them in your arrangement. They can act as the focal point around which the bouquet is created. Callas are so striking that they can also hold their own as a single bloom. Give someone the gift of a single stem calla in a slender vase. Callas also make excellent boutonnieres or pinned corsages for special occasions. Any good florists can help cost-effectively incorporate this stunning flower,

Callas is an exceptional flower that should be given to an extraordinary person. Someone who receives a calla does not need to know anything about flowers to know that the gift they are receiving is an exceptional one.

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