What White Flowers Represent and When to Send Them

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White flowers are among the most popular styles of arrangements you can find. They are popular for weddings, celebrating new babies and auspicious events like funerals and are a truly versatile coloured flower.

Some of you may be wondering how and why white flowers have ended up with such a varied range of meanings, as well as what exactly all the different connotations of white flowers are. We’re going try to answer those questions for you today with our look into the meanings and symbols of white flowers and at what times they are most appropriate as gifts.


White bouquet of chrysanthemums

When it comes to white flowers one of the most common agreed meanings is purity. The colour white is also often associated with the Virgin Mary and this is almost certainly why white flowers carry a similar meaning. White bouquets were also a particularly popular way for Victorians to express their intentions to loved ones in a more polite way or to decorate their homes. This makes white flowers perfect to express the purest form of love or to welcome a new baby.


White bridal bouquet being held

White is a colour which is seen to be perfect in its lack of complexity and untainted appearance. For this reason, it is heavily connected with the idea of innocence and to a certain extent chastity. This is why white flowers are so often used at weddings or for events like baptisms.

Illumination or inspiration

white flowers with open lined notebook

White flowers are also often seen as being the best flowers to inspire and recognise moments of inspiration and illumination. Because white is the colour of clarity and divinity it stands to reason that this should also be true when it comes to academic or artistic ideas coming to fruition. This of course makes white bouquets excellent as congratulatory gifts for scholastic achievements.


White get well flowers

As white is a neutral colour without any hue at all it is seen as a marker of perfection and cleanliness or sterility. With this in mind sending white flowers is a great idea if you want to warm someone’s new home or offer someone a get well soon surprise.


Buddha with white flowers

With its links to the Virgin Mary and being the favoured colour of spiritual leaders like the Pope, white has a strong connection with the idea of faith. This is why white flowers can often be found and used for religious events and bouquets are the perfect surprise to celebrate a deeply spiritual event.

However, Be Careful When Sending White Flowers to Asian Countries

White lotus incense at korean funeral

White flower symbolise death and mourning in Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea and should never be sent to people who are ill or for weddings. At best it would cause confusion or mild amusement due to its inappropriateness but at worst it could cause real offence or disgust. However, they are ideal if you wish to send your condolences to a country in the Far East.

These are just some of the agreed meaning that white flowers have around the world but, of course, it’s important to bear them in mind when sending bouquets so as not to cause offence or send the wrong flowers for the wrong occasion. Naturally, meanings can also differ when you consider the actual species of flower and its chosen colour, so a little research may be necessary for single species white bouquets. However, for white mixed flower arrangements this guide should provide you with the basis for hitting the right note with your floral surprise.

Why and when do you normally send your loved ones white bouquets? Tell us in the comments.

Remember, the colour of the flowers you choose can have a big impact on what your flowers will signify and when you should send them. Find out when and why to send blue, yellow, purple and pink flowers in our special guides on floral colours and meaning.

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