South Korea is a country of impeccable manners and an established etiquette that must be followed to avoid offence. It is important to note the procedures involved with accepting invitations to dinner whether it is personal or business related. From the modesty of dress for women to the person responsible for payment of the dinner bill, South Koreans have established traditions that denote respect. If visitors find this daunting, then the other cultural offerings of this country more than makes up for these pressures.

Seoul is the vibrant capital of South Korea. Visitors who explore this city will marvel at the magnificence of the Changdeokgung Palace, which was home to the Joseon Dynasty for more than 270 years. It is also home to the Huwon Gardens that reflect the magnificence of South Korea’s indigenous flora. Korean flowers tend to grow best in July, but thanks to FloraQueen you can send flowers to Korea all year round.


p>Goyang City is another South Korean city that captures the essence of the country’s culture and traditions. Ilsan Lake Park is a natural ecological area that is a favourite for relaxation among residents. Like most areas in South Korea, it reflects the natural affinity with nature that South Koreans hold p>

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