Officially known as the ‘Seoul Special City’, Seoul is South Korea’s largest metropolis, founded in 18 B.C. and reaching the status of 4th largest metropolitan economy in the world due to a economic boom subsequently entitled ‘The Miracle on the Han River’. Both the Second World War and the Korean impacted the country’s history heavily, with a direct result being a sudden boom in population after peace had settled. This has resulted in the city being home to 17,000 people per square kilometre, most of which live in high-rise flats.

Seoul is believed to have taken its name from the term ‘Seoraneol’, Korean for ‘capital’, yet there were no Chinese characters to match the name, so one for a similar word was adopted. With such a rich and interesting city, this city has a lot to offer the tourist. Seoul is home to numerous monuments and historic sites, such as the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dinasty, the Hwaseong Fortress and the Jongmyo Shrine. Seoul’s Yeouido Hangang Spring Festival celebrates the city’s cherry blossoms as they unravel and burst into a visual and olfactory spectacle throughout the Yeouido Island.

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