5 stereotypes to consider when you send flowers to Italy

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Many stereotypes about Italians exist and whilst of course they aren’t all mobsters with Mario moustaches, there are many which any Italian would agree describe most of their felllow citizens! Do you have a loved one from Italy? Of course you will want to send them gifts to show how they are in your thoughts and flowers do this better than any other. To make sure you get it spot on when you send flowers to Italy, understanding the following stereotypes will help you to send the perfect flower delivery. 

stereotypes to consider when you send flowers to Italy

italians are perfectionists 

send flowers to italy pasta
Of course, there’s nothing stereotypical about Luigi…

Have you ever cooked with an Italian? If so, you will have noticed how long they spend preparing their food! Whilst most of us are happy to cook up a batch of mince in half an hour, Italians will insist that it cooks for hours so that the flavour is just right. And just a word of warning, never, ever put this mince with spaghetti and call it bolognese if you want them to speak to you again. It’s tagiatelle al ragu! You do not want to upset an Italian on the subject of pasta.

Speaking of which, are you a fan of Hawaiian pizza? Keep this on the down low around Italians. If you admit to liking pineapple on pizza they treat it as if you have just insulted every single Italian.

This perfectionist attitude extends to all aspects of their lives, including what they have on show in their homes. So if you are going to send flowers to Italy, then make sure that they are of the highest quality.

Their desire for perfection even applies to the number of flowers that can go into a bouquet! When sending roses, never send an Italian an even number of roses as this is considered bad luck. All the little details count with Italians, so take care when ordering your international flower delivery!

italians are religious 

send flowers to italy funeral flowers
Neither is there about the Godfather…

Whilst of course not every Italian is a practicing Catholic, the presence of Catholic traditions is very evident in Italian society. Be it the Easter processions or the celebrations on the day of each town’s patron saint. “Why is this important to consider when you send flowers to Italy?” I hear you ask. Well, flowers are very important in the Catholic religion and are on show in most churches. During funerals they are especially important, where the chrysanthemum is the flower used to mark one’s respects. For this reason it would not be considered appropriate to send a bouquet of chrysanthemums unless it is specifically to send your condolences!

italian men are “mammoni” 

send flowers to italy mammoni
What a great son!

Of course the family is important to everyone across the world, but it has extra significance in Italy. This is especially evident in the fact that most children stay with their parents until the age of 30! For this reason you will find that Italian men are very “mammoni” i.e. mummy’s boys. Meaning that they tend to be a lot closer to their “mammas” than in other countries

If you’re one of those Italian men who has moved abroad, Mamma is going to be very sad that you’ve gone. So you had better be sending her flowers! The best bouquet to send Mamma would be a bouquet of lilies given that these flowers represent maternity as well as being simply beautiful, much like her. However, a rose will always go down well!

italians take huge pride in their appearance 

send flowers to italy appearance
Is there an Italian man not wearing a suit?

If we asked you to name an Italian fashion designer, you could probably keep talking for hours. With Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Prada just to name a few! These designer labels have come about because of the immense pride that Italians take in how they look. So, Italians who dress immaculately like to ensure that everything else that they own is to the same standard. For this reason if you send flowers to Italy, you had better make sure you choose a spotless bouquet!

Thinking of the pristine, colourful dresses that Italian women wear during summer, what could be a better compliment than a colourful bouquet of gerberas?

italians are very expressive

1 send flowers to italy meme 2
If you haven’t spent hours looking at Italian hand gesture memes then you haven’t been doing 2017 right!

It’s true what they say that even if you don’t speak Italian, you can get the gist of what Italians are talking about,. With hand gestures almost being more important than the words being said! Italians are very expressive and it’s very true that actions speak louder than words. They show each other their love through more than just saying it but through grand gestures. So to impress an Italian just telling them how important they are won’t have the same effect as sending them an extravagent bouquet of flowers! It needn’t be a special occasion, flowers can be sent at any time of the year to express these feelings.


Having got a greater understanding of these Italian stereotypes we hope that you have a better idea of what flowers to send to Italy. Can you relate to these stereotypes from your own personal experiences? Leave a comment and let us know!


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