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Everyone loves a deal, and with FloraQueen, we are offering flower promo codes that encourage first-time online floral shoppers to give FloraQueen a try. Ordering flowers can seem daunting; however, our online system makes it easy and convenient. Not only are we simplifying the online shopping for flowers, but we are providing promo codes to encourage new customers to experience first-hand why FloraQueen is your international floral go-to delivery company. Your days are busy enough. You want to be able to go online, place your order, and let that company take care of the rest. Enter, FloraQueen. For over 10 years, we have been an international floral delivery company that has been servicing over 100 countries. Not only are we providing flowers, but we offer an extensive selection of little add-ons that are sure to enhance any floral arrangement. 

In this article, we cover – 

Why Shop with FloraQueen? 

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving flowers? While sending flowers is a great way to show you care or to celebrate a birthday, it can get expensive when you factor in delivery fees and the arrangement itself. With FloraQueen, however, our flowers have promo codes that make shopping with us not only affordable but convenient. It would be best if you didn’t have to break the bank when sending that special someone a floral arrangement. FloraQueen understands that other floral delivery companies charge extra for their standard deliveries; however, with FloraQueen, when you place an order 24 hours before the expected delivery, you don’t have to pay extra. You only have to pay for rushed deliveries. 

At FloraQueen, you can find special promotions on our website. From first-time subscription offers, you can always find a promotion to help with your floral order. Whatever the occasion is, trust that we have a deal for any and every occasion. There is no shame in admitting that customers sometimes choose our flowers based on price. Looking to send 12 red roses but don’t want to pay the insane prices? Check FloraQueen or, better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and receive a flower promo code for those red roses

Budget-friendly Floral Arrangements

Are you looking to get more bang for your buck? FloraQueen always has floral specials and discounts available. Members of FloraQueen can receive exclusive deals and flower promo codes. Haven’t subscribed to FloraQueen’s FloraClub? Are you looking for budget-friendly floral bouquets? Visit our website and see why we are the go-to for budget friendly floral arrangements.

Looking for recommendations?

Here are three of FloraQueen’s beautiful and budget-friendly floral arrangements that, with or without a flower promo code, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. 

Surprise Gesture ($63.30) 

Are you searching for a floral arrangement to send friends and family this Christmas? The Surprise Gesture is a floral arrangement that features pine, decorative pinecones, hypericum, red roses, and red amaryllis. This bright red and green floral bouquet is perfect for that special friend or that family member who needs a splash of color for the holidays. Why not surprise them with this Surprise Gesture

Harmony ($62.90)

The perfect bouquet for any family member this Christmas is our Harmony floral arrangement. This floral arrangement features red roses, calla lilies, white chrysanthemums, decorative greenery, and more. It is a two-color floral arrangement that would be great on any dining table over the holidays. 

Christmas Magic ($69.90)

Are you looking to capture Christmas in a basket? FloraQueen’s floral arrangement, Christmas Magic, is the perfect floral arrangement for either friends or family. Taking the traditional holiday poinsettia to the next level, this arrangement features a mini poinsettia and decorative pinecones. Simple and meaningful, this is the perfect Christmas gift and decorative piece. 

These are just a few of the budget-friendly arrangements that our clients can enjoy. Want to add something extra to these arrangements? There is the option to have a box of chocolate or stuffed animal accompany these stunning flowers

The best part of these three floral arrangements is that any other competitor would sell them for 20 to 30% more but not FloraQueen! 

What Should I Look for in an Online Flower Delivery Company?

Not all online floral delivery companies are equal, and it is, for this reason, essential to know what to look for to ensure the best online flower delivery service. Some of the things to consider when looking for an online flower company include: 

  • Are there promotions or discounts for multiple orders? 
  • How is their reputation and reviews from previous customers? 
  • Are their delivery fees a flat rate or not? 
  • What kind of floral inventory do they have? Is it limited? 

These considerations are important for any new floral shopper who is interested in trying our, or any, online floral delivery service. 

Are you someone who is looking to send flowers to friends and family around the world?

FloraQueen believes that everyone should be able to enjoy flowers of all types, and that is why our customers don’t have to worry about being limited in floral options because of price. From red roses to lilies and callas, our network of worldwide florists means our clients can have access to at-costs flowers.

Why Shop FloraQueen as Your Budget Friendly Floral Delivery?

FloraQueen has been an international floral delivery company for over 10 years and has near five-star reviews. We understand that many things in life can be complicated and complex, which is why we try to simplify the ordering process. Our website offers a secure online order form and payment portal. Not only is our website easy to use, but we offer many exclusive offers that make purchasing flowers a budget-friendly experience. From our FloraClub to our daily and weekly flowers promo codes, there is something for everyone.

Still unsure if we are the best online flower delivery? Visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to receive a unique promotional code that can be put towards your first order. See first-hand why we are your international flower go-to delivery provider! 

Head over to our site and grab yourself or that special someone in your life a handcrafted and gorgeous bouquet of fresh-cut blooms.

We promise not to disappoint!

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