The complete guide to choosing flowers for any occasion


At FloraQueen we want you to hit the mark with your gift, so we have prepared an infographic to help you choose the perfect bouquet for each occasion. Is an important birthday coming up? Is your best friend getting married? Or perhaps you simply want to add a touch of colour to your home. Whatever the occasion, the infographic will help you discover the type of flowers you are looking for!

If the only thing on your mind right now is finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, don’t worry! At FloraQueen we have anticipated your wishes and needs and we have prepared a special catalogue. In it you will find the most spectacular bouquets, ones which will make your mother’s face light up with a big smile. We also tell you what you should never do on Mother’s Day, just in case.

Trust in FloraQueen and send the right flowers!

Floraqueen - International Flower Delivery

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Floraqueen - International Flower Delivery

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