How to Get Flowers Delivered to Someone’s Work: Surprises Are the Best

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Flowers are an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion. They look beautiful, they smell nice, and they make the recipient feel special. There are several different reasons to have flowers sent to someone. If you are looking to do so, consider sending them to someone’s work. Work can be stressful and overwhelming; therefore, receiving flowers at your workplace can be a great reminder that you have a life outside of your job. If you are going to have flowers delivered to someone’s work, do some research first. Does their place of work have any security restrictions? Are they allowed to have plants on their desk? A quick phone call to answer those questions can save both you and the recipient from unnecessary headaches.

In this article, we discuss:

* Delivery Options

* Types of Arrangements

Delivery Options

Knowing how to get your flowers delivered is of the utmost importance. Any reputable florist can provide a wide variety of delivery options. Do your research first, though; find a company that has a history of delivering bouquets on time. Also, before you order, make sure they can deliver on your timeline.

Same-Day Delivery- Same-day delivery is excellent for that last-minute purchase. Perhaps you forgot that today was your anniversary. No longer do you have to worry about being caught without a gift when you really need it. Several trustworthy florists offer same-day delivery for their online orders. They even have several flower bouquets that are designed specifically for special occasions. Browse through their online catalog to find the perfect bouquet for your significant other.

Next-Day Delivery- Sometimes you find out too late that it is someone’s birthday. You would love to get them a gift, but you have plans after work. Don’t sweat it! Jump online and order a floral bouquet to be delivered to their home or office the very next day. Next day delivery service is offered by several online florists. They also offer a wide variety of bouquets, so you can surely find one that suits your recipient. Additionally, many florists offer bouquets at several different price points. This means you can shop for an arrangement, no matter your budget.

Pre-Scheduled Delivery- If you are a planner, consider purchasing a floral bouquet as early as you can. This takes the stress of buying a gift and delivering it off of your hands. With additional notice, some florists are able to put together a customized bouquet. Find out what your friend or significant other’s favorite flower is, then ask the florist to include it in the bouquet. Once you place the order, sit back, relax, and watch the joy a bouquet of flowers brings to a person’s face.

Arrangement Options

The type of arrangement you have delivered should depend on the reason you are having the bouquet delivered in the first place. Different flowers and colors represent different meanings. A good florist can provide you with some guidance on the best type of bouquet. If you are shopping online, many retailers have their websites divided by occasion. Use that as a guide for what kind of arrangement is best suited for your order.

Romantic bouquets are meant for occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or even birthdays. Often, red roses are included in romantic arrangements. While this may be tradition, it is not necessary. If your partner doesn’t like roses, consider using a different red flower in the arrangement. The color red represents love and passion, which is precisely the message you are trying to send.

Congratulations, bouquets are great for a new graduate or someone who receives a promotion. Typically, these bouquets are filled with brightly colored flowers. Try and choose an arrangement that is made up of the recipient’s favorite color. Daisies are a great flower here because of their cheerful nature. Daisies also come in just about every color under the sun.

Birthday bouquets are a nice surprise on a person’s special day, consider choosing a bouquet of lilies. Lilies are large and fragrant flowers, typically either pink, yellow, orange, or white. Lilies can be a little costlier per stem. So, if the cost is an issue, try pooling your money with several friends. That way, you can all go in on the gift together and get an even bigger bouquet. Alternatively, have a florist make a customized bouquet for you. Choose only a couple of lilies and then have them bulk up the arrangement with less expensive stems. In this case, the beautiful lilies really pop, making them the star of the show.

Maternity leave bouquets are a really nice going away present for a soon-to-be mom. On her last day of work, consider having a bouquet of flowers delivered to her. This is a big step in her life, and knowing that she has the support of her coworkers helps make the transition easier. If you know the gender of her baby, a bouquet in the traditional gender colors may be appropriate. Otherwise, choose gender-neutral but happy colors like yellow or orange. No matter the color of the arrangement, she is going to feel better about starting the next phase of her life.

Alternative bouquets are excellent for people who may not like flowers. Consider giving the recipient a bouquet of balloons. Balloon bouquets are festive and fun for just about any occasion. Alternatively, you could try giving a bouquet of fresh fruit or chocolate-covered strawberries. Some bakeries even offer bouquets of cupcakes or cake pops. The best thing to do is purchase an alternative arrangement that best suits the friend you are hoping to honor.

Final Thoughts

Delivering a bouquet to someone’s work is an exceptional gesture. In doing so, tells the recipient that you care about them and their life. Just be sure to do your homework before you purchase. It would not be very pleasant to buy the bouquet, only to find out that the workplace does not allow for such deliveries. Remember, do your research, and consult with their workplace or even slyly ask them what their work policies are.

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