5 Great Times to Send Flowers to Australia

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Australia is sometimes called “the lucky country” due to its rich resources, warm climate, and vast golden beaches and as anyone who is lucky enough to have traveled to the land down under will tell you is that it has something special about it. Now, it goes without saying that the Australian population knows how to throw a good party but what to do if you want to send your wishes from the other side of the world? As you can imagine the answer is to send flowers to Australia and we’re going to tell you the best five times to do just that.

Australia Day

Australia day mini pavlovas

January 26th is the day to celebrate all things Australian. The day was chosen to celebrate the First Fleet of British ships to land in 1788 and claim the territory, thus marking the start of what would become the country we know and love today. Believe it or not, the celebration has only been a national holiday across the whole country since 1994. Since then however, it has quickly become a major event in the country’s calendar. People usually celebrate with barbeques (remember January is in Australian summer), fireworks and concerts and in many ways, this is Australia’s own 4th July.

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Flowers Surprise

Australians celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, which coincides with International Mother’s Day. Like many other countries which celebrate this day, children of all ages share their appreciation of their mums with flowers, gifts and by sitting down to have dinner with their families. Of course, if you’re wondering what flowers to send for your mum if she lives in Australia, we have a few suggestions.

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Anzac Day

Anzac Day hat

Anzac Day is an important public holiday to commemorate the bravery of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during the two world wars and takes place on 25th April in both Australia and New Zealand. The day is marked by dawn ceremonies of remembrance, a gunfire breakfast (coffee with rum) to remember how soldiers started their days during the conflicts and armed forces marches throughout the holiday.


Easter Bilby Chocolate

Easter in Australia is a bit different to Easter in Europe or the USA. For starters, there is no Easter Bunny in Oz and there’s a good reason for why. Rabbits are considered major pests to the ecosystem in Australia. After being accidentally released into the wilderness by a hunting enthusiast in the 19th Century they causing widespread devastation to the local flora and fauna. To compensate for the lack of love towards rabbits (magical or otherwise) the Australians have adopted the Easter Bilby (pictured above) as their mascot for the holiday and it is he who brings chocolate eggs for children.

Labour Day / May Day

Labour Day worker equipment

Every 1st May Australians celebrate Labour Day which coincides with international workers day and the historic May Day celebrations in Europe. Australia, however, has an interesting connection with this holiday as it was the site of the first successful organised workers group achieving an 8-hour working day (instead of the 10-12 hours required before) with no loss of pay.


So if you’re thinking of sending flowers to Australia you now have all the tools you need to plan your timing carefully. With so many Australians living all over the world, you never know how much they would appreciate a bright bouquet on a special day such as these.

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No matter if you’re celebrating a special occasion or if you’re just sending flowers to Australia for a birthday or just to say “I love you“, you’re never too far away with our international delivery service allowing you to send flowers to Australia even on the same day in some cases. It can all be done in a few simple clicks.