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Send flowers to New Zealand

Send flowers to New Zealand

New Zealand consists of two major islands, the North and South islands, as well as many other smaller islands. Its mild climate and modern economy make New Zealand a major tourist attraction and a wonderful place to live. While New Zealand does not have an official national flower, the silver fern is by far the best known of all New Zealand flowers and can be seen on army uniforms and sports kits for national teams. By means of its international flower delivery service, FloraQueen makes flower deliveries to New Zealand and all its major cities, outlined below.

Auckland is located on the North Island and, despite not being the country’s capital, is the most populous city. Auckland sits on a volcanic field and combines this type of landscape with two seaports. Its landscape is highly valued by visitors, and it is also worth noting that flower deliveries are very popular in this city.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and it is also found on the North Island. It is the country’s political centre, although Auckland might exert a greater economic impact. Wellington is also a city with many very prestigious florists.

Christchurch, located on the South Island, is the result of mid-19th-century colonisation. Natural environments abound, and consequently flowers are highly valued.

Manukau City is a really young yet very active city, due to its proximity to Auckland, the country’s nerve centre. Sending flowers to Manukau City is a very important business – thanks to this, there is great demand for flower orders on FloraQueen’s website daily.

Waitakere is a city located in the Auckland area, mainly known for its sports teams. Needless to say, Waitakere’s sports victories are usually celebrated with abundant flower deliveries, a field in which online florist FloraQueen is champion.

Hamilton, the fourth metropolis in New Zealand, has grown enormously in recent years and has become the country’s cultural centre. Young people attend the universities in Auckland and traditionally exchange flowers either by hand or by home delivery, as a sign of encouragement.

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