The Best Way to Send Flowers

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From the exotic bird of paradise to tulips, orchids and more, nothing is quite as varied and astonishing as the variety of flora grown around the world. About the only thing more amazing than the flora is the way it gets from far-flung fields to a vase in your recipients home, and all within less than two days.

It is hard to visualize what 89 million flowers look like, but that is the number cut, shipped, and delivered during a busy holiday season. Knowing this, it begs the question. How can such a volume of flowers be delivered to the far corners of the world so fast and arrive in such perfect condition?

Of all the products that are delivered, flowers are amongst the most complicated. Flowers, once cut, have a short life span and are easy to damage while in transit. The process of shipping flowers begins well before dawn. Once cut, they are processed and dispatched to the four corners of the world as quickly as possible. For many flowers that are available in florist shops or online florists, for many varieties, this means the journey starts in the fields of Ecuador.

Once cut flowers arrive in the US, they are held in a cold room until customs clears the shipment, a process that does not take long. It is incredible when you think that during this field to the beginning of the delivery process, the blooms are outside of a climate-controlled environment for less than 15 minutes. The best way to send flowers is to understand that the priority is efficiency and speed.

Once customs have cleared the shipment; the flowers begin the final leg of the long journey, that is to local wholesale flower vendors. From the arrival airport, the flowers are taken from the aircraft to the flower mart. It is at the flower mart where local flower merchants consummate their purchases.

Now that fresh flowers are available in florists throughout the US and other countries, how can you send them to a friend or loved one?

In this day and age, sending flowers can be done from the comfort of your home or office. Flowers are a fantastic way to express your love of, or appreciation to, someone, regardless of whether they live locally or overseas. If the recipient is celebrating a special day or you wish to express your condolences, a gift of flowers is ideal.

Regardless of the reason for sending flowers, there are efficient ways in which to do it.

* Use the services of the recipient’s local florist
* Use an international flower company
* Arrange shipping yourself

Use the Services of the Recipients Local Florist

Perhaps the easiest way to send flowers to someone is to use the supply and delivery services offered by the recipients local florists. Although you may not be familiar with the florists in the recipient’s location, use an online search. The results from an online search gives you all the information you need including their inventory of flora, prices, and more.

A large company with international exposure may cost you more, but what is important is that the flowers get delivered on time and in perfect condition.

There are unique issues with ordering directly from a local florist. The website may be in the local language. If necessary, there are online translators which are quite good at translating the contents of a web site. Although you may find the florist, and the flowers, on the foreign website, there may be unknown issues that need discussing. If you are fluent in the local language, it may be in your best interest to order via the telephone.

Use an International Flower Company

If the recipient of the flowers does not reside locally or even in the US, some companies can arrange flower delivery overseas. Once again, an online search results in a listing of the company’s that provide this service. The company most often has photos and information on its web site about each bouquet or arrangement. Choose the option you want, choose the shipping option, and complete the purchase.

Depending on which flower company you deal with, they might be positioned to include a personalized note along with the flowers. You can track your order online as well, right up until the time the flowers are delivered.

Regardless of the destination, you can rely on international flower companies to deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones.

There is little doubt that using an online international florist is the best way to send flowers. The online florist web site lists the countries where they can arrange flower delivery.

The bouquet options may vary depending on where the recipient resides. Although you are dealing with an online vendor, remember, they are dealing with a local florist that fulfills the order. Needless to say, the flowers must be available in the local florist’s shop.

Arrange Shipping Yourself

Although it is not the ideal solution, you can purchase flowers from your local florist and arrange shipping yourself. Major courier companies such as DHL or FedEx can usually deliver within a day or two to most destinations. If you elect to arrange shipping, rather than order through an online florist, you are responsible for proper packing. The ideal way is to wet the stems by wrapping the cut ends in wet paper toweling or newspaper.

By wrapping the stems, the flowers do not dry out during delivery. It helps to keep air circulating with the box. Punch a few random holes in the box. The contents stay fresher, longer.

There are so many beautiful, exotic flowers that make ideal gifts. Cherry blossoms celebrate the coming of spring. The delicate flowers open at the end of March and the early part of April. The blossoms last as long as two weeks. Cherry blossoms represent a new beginning. Tulips are another flower that are enjoyed by any recipient. There are well over 3000 different tulip varieties. This diversity makes it one of the most popular cultivated flowers anywhere in the world.

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