Top Reasons to Work with a Local Florist

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Everyone loves to receive flowers, which means floral shops are highly popular. If you want to send your loved ones bouquets, it is important to choose the right shop. Often, you can find many styles and options from chain-store-style floral stores, but working with a local florist might be better.

In this article, you’re going to find out why it’s a good idea to use a local florist, such as:

* Supporting the local economy
* Build rapport for future needs
* Fresh flowers
* Ability to order online
* Protecting limited resources
* How to choose a local florist

Supporting the Local Economy

Spending money at a local business ensures that you’re supporting the economy within your community. The taxes you pay are going to go to the city, such as in the schools and to the local government. The florist is sure to offer assistance to the community, such as donating to charities and otherwise helping out.

Plus, this shop stays open when others might have to shut down. That means other residents can benefit, and the owners of the store can continue to provide a much-needed service to the area.

Build Rapport for Future Needs

Many people like to be considered a regular and loyal customer at an establishment. You get that feeling of having a personal touch because the waiter might know what you want before you order. The same applies to a floral shop. When you go to the same place over and over for flowers, the florist starts to learn what you like and might even guess who the customer is based on the order.

You build a relationship with this person. He or she can learn which blooms you like best, which bouquets you prefer, and what dates you tend to buy for all the time. In some cases, they might even send you a reminder for anniversary or birthday flowers. That is taking customer service to the next level.

Fresh Flowers

Going to a local florist often means that you are going to have fresher flowers. This means they last longer while they’re in the recipient’s home. The flowers aren’t likely to sit in a van to be shipped for an excessively long time. Therefore, they aren’t going to decay as fast.

Ability to Order Online

Almost every florist is going to have a website, even local ones. They want to make the entire process easy and quick for you. Therefore, you don’t have to call the shop and make your request or go to the store. Of course, you have those options because the floral shop is near to your home or in your area.

Still, you know that the ordering process is going to be easy. You’re going to be able to browse by occasion, flower type, accessories, and all the rest. If you’re trying to find a bouquet of yellow daisies with a pretty vase and some chocolates, it’s possible.

Many times, floral shops offer special discounts or have deal-of-the-day specials. You can always check those out to see what’s new or what’s exciting that day. Then, ordering online is that much easier.

When you’ve made your selections, you can add them to the cart and have the option to include a card. Of course, you can’t write on it, but someone on the floral team is going to write on it and make it look elegant and beautiful. That way, you can tell your loved one how you feel or just let them know who the flowers are from.

Protecting Limited Resources

You may not realize it, but the country has limited resources when it comes to fossil fuels. When you order something from a shop located far away from you, the florist has to spend more money and use more resources to get it to its destination.

If you order locally, you can do your part to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, the delivery truck doesn’t have to travel as fa,r and it burns less gasoline (or diesel). The earth is going to be happy about that, and you can feel good about your choice to shop local.

How to Choose a Local Florist

Many people have never ordered flowers before. It seems to be a dying art, but it is still popular among spouses and family members. Whether it’s for a funeral to show sympathy or a birthday party to celebrate, there are ways to tell if your florist is local or not.

First, you may want to, while you’re already out and about, take note of the local shops in your area. When you get back home or stop the vehicle, you can go to these websites first because you know they are in your neighborhood.

You can also search online for florists near you, which can help you see what’s available. Just remember that sometimes, large chain stores get mixed into local results. Therefore, you have to do your due diligence.

Visit the company website and find the contact information. Usually, an address is included. Make sure that it is in your town or near to you. If no address is provided, it might be a chain store. In this case, you may only see a phone number.

It’s also possible to detect a local store by the telephone number itself. If it is an 800 number, it’s probably not a local business. Consider your area code, and if the shop has the same area code (or one from a nearby town), then it is local, and you can feel confident using it.

Of course, you should also read reviews and see some of the company’s past work. That way, you can be sure that the flowers are going to look great and be sent to the recipient on time.

Now that you know why to shop locally and how to find the right florist, you’re well on your way to buying fresh, beautiful flowers for any occasion and any person. Start surprising your family and friends today!

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