How to perfect your international gift delivery

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We all have friends and family who live in other parts of the world, don’t we? Or, perhaps you are that brave soul who has ventured beyond the borders of your country to now reside somewhere else. What this means is that there are many people who we would like to surprise with an international gift delivery. If we are away from loved ones, this is the best way to show them that you are still close even though you may be thousands of miles away. Whether this be your long-distance other half, your sister or any one who makes an impact on your life, we will help you to perfect that international gift delivery.



international gift delivery teddy bear

Although being far from ideal, sometimes work requires you to move abroad for an amount of time, leaving your partner behind. Of course in the past this may have meant the end of your beautiful relationship with the only chance of correspondence being long love letters which took weeks to arrive, but now with Whatsapp and Skype you needn’t miss a moment of each others lives. However, no amount of virtual chatting can replace the feeling of being in each others arms – an international gift delivery will help you provide them with something tangible. For this reason the perfect gift for your partner overseas is a couple of teddy bears, which can symbolise your strong couple and provide them with something to cuddle and have in bed while you can’t be there for yourself. Perhaps make it a chocolate and teddy combo, because at the end of the day, who doesn’t love having some luxury chocolates to feast on from time to time?

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international gift delivery gin set

Being seperated from your best friend when one of you moves abroad is tough. Who are you going to ask to see when you need advice on how to approach that colleague who you fancy? Who are you going to go to see on Friday night when you just want to chill out and have a casual drink? It’s difficult to leave them behind. So when sending an international gift delivery to this special person who is far too far away, it needs to be something personal. For this reason, for your female best friend a beautiful watch is the perfect gift which will enable her to carry a piece of you wherever she is.

For you male best friend, we can’t think beyond a gin set. They may be far away but this way to can still have your drink together, put them on Skype, get yourself a drink and you can sit there chatting as if you’re in the same room. What could be better?

MUM (or mom for you wonderful americans) and dad 

international gift delivery mom

Got nothing on the North Sea…

Either Mum and Dad had enough of the dreary weather and headed to sunnier climes for their retirement or there was a teary departure at the airport when you started your own overseas adventure. No matter which way round it is, Mum always wants to feel appreciated by her kids and a call once a week isn’t enough. We would recommend getting Mum a perfume, so that everyday she can give herself a spray and remember her loving child who is thinking of her from across the seas. And so Dad doesn’t feel left out, you can send him a bottle of cologne, there’s still life in the old dog yet!

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international gift delivery pink plant

During your childhood you probably couldn’t wait to get away from her, but now she’s in another country you realise that you miss all those little things she did that used to annoy you. Of course she can now borrow your top! So how should you surprise her with an international gift delivery? You need a gift that will reflect her beauty and therefore we reckon that the perfect gift for her is a potted plant such as a hydrangea with pink flowers. In this way you always be in her home in spirit, making the ideal gift to send.


Having read this we hope you now have your gift ideas sorted for all your important people living abroad. International gift delivery to the rescue! 

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